2x CAN (Layer 2, CANopen®, J1939 or ARINC 825, IRIG-B Input)

Two High-Speed CAN Interfaces for USB

  • CAN interfaces according to ISO 11898-2 with electrical isolation

  • Powered by esd Advanced CAN Core (esdACC) implemented in an FPGA

  • Capable of 100% CAN bus load

Robust and Easy to Handle

  • Power supply by USB

  • Aluminium case

  • Incl. USB cable

  • DSUB 15 connector for IRIG-B and other IOs

Advanced Diagnostics and Timestamping

  • Enhanced diagnostic features

  • CAN Error Injection capabilities with ext. trigger

  • High resolution hardware timestamping driven by IRIG-B

  • CAN interfaces share common time base

Drivers are available for several Windows-operating systems (see tables Software Support; ; Linux and Labview drivers are not supported at the moment!). Please contact our Sales Team for detailed information about the driver availability for your operating system or if you need drivers for other operating systems.
CAN driver availability for all esd CAN interfaces is listed here.


IRIG-B and Additional Features

  • Analog and digital IRIG-B inputs
  • Synchronized timestamps (even without IRIG-B signal) over several CAN-USB/400-IRIG-B via additional RS-485 interface
  • External trigger I/Os for Error Injection
  • Miscellaneous I/Os for customized functionality

Optimized Architecture

Attached to USB via FIFO's and driven by esd Advanced CAN Core (esdACC), the CAN-USB/400 is designed for minimum latency CAN communication via USB.

Error Injection

A feature pretty unique on standard CAN interfaces. Error Injection provides means to simulate error conditions on CAN bus. Bit patterns can be injected into any living CAN bus. Several trigger conditions and modes are provided.

Software Support

Operating system independent CAN layer 2 API (NTCAN)

  • Driver Support for Windows
  • Multiple Higher Level Protocols available for Windows
    • CANopen Master- and Slave-Stack
    • J1939
    • ARINC825
  • Drivers and software support for other operating systems are available on request.

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In the CAN-USB/400-FD version the module comes with 2 CAN FD interfaces.

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USB-CAN bus interface with IRIG-B Input: CAN-USB/400-IRIG-B by esd electronic system desig