Name Short Description
CAN-Bluetooth CAN-Interface for Bluetooth®
  • Wireless CAN interface for mobile or stationary application

  • PowerPC™ IBM 405CR, 375 MiPS, 200 MHz

  • 16 Mbyte RAM, 2 Mbyte Flash

CAN-CBM-OP5 CAN Embedded Controller with Display and Keyboard
  • 240 x 128 pixel LC-graphic display

  • Matrix keypad with removable labels on function keys

  • MF2-keyboard interface

CAN-CBM-PLC/331-2 Automation Computer with Two CAN Interfaces
  • Microcontroller 68331, 25 MHz

  • Two electrical isolated CAN interfaces designed acc. to ISO 11898-2, bit rate up to 1 Mbit/s

  • Programming and control via RS-232 interface (PC or laptop)

CAN-CBM-SIO1/SIO4 CAN Connection to Serial Interface
  • RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or TTY to CAN

  • Independent microcontroller 68331 for protocol realisation

  • Memory: 512k x 16 bit SRAM, 1M x 8 bit Flash-EPROM

CAN-CBX-AIR/2 Wireless CAN-Bridge mit USB-Interface CAN-CBX-AIR/2 von esd Wireless CAN Bridge with USB Interface
  • Wireless Communication between Nets
  • Minimum Connection Time and Latency
  • Wireless CAN Bridge with extendable InRailBus Technology
Controller Board with Analog and Digital I/Os
  • 68376 microcontroller

  • 1 Mbyte SRAM, 256 kbyte Fast SRAM, 512 kbyte EPROM, 128 kbyte NV-RAM with RTC

  • 16 digital outputs, electrically isolated

Digital Inputs and Outputs in 19"-Plug-in Case
  • 64 inputs (8 groups with 8 inputs each)

  • Input voltage 12 V

  • All inputs electrically isolated

CAN-CSC595/2 CAN-S5-PLC Interface Module
  • Direct interface between PLC and CAN I/O modules (SIEMENS PLCs of types S5-95U, S5-100U or ET-100 respectively and CAN I/O)

  • Decentralized connection of analog and digital data to PLC

  • No additional functions or data components necessary - PLC programs run as usual

  • Bi-directional CENTRONICS interface to CAN

  • Fast CAN coupling to PC

  • Compact aluminium mini case

High Performance PCI-CAN-Interface
  • High-end PC board for the PCI bus

  • Microcontroller 68360 with real-time operating system

  • Up to 32 MB DRAM