CAN and CAN FD Interfaces

Universal CAN and CAN FD Interfaces for PC and Industrial Computer

CAN and CAN FD Modules with different Form Factors

esd electronics is constantly expanding its CAN FD product range. With the new product variants CPCIserial-CAN/402, XMC-CAN/402 and PMC-CAN/402, as well as the CAN-PCIe/402, the CAN-M.2/402 and the CAN-PCIeMini/402 and additionally the CAN-USB/400 module, interfaces in different form factors and also fancy form factors with CAN FD capable interfaces are available. An overview of these variants can be found at the end of this page.

esdACC CAN IP Core

All esd CAN FD interfaces use the high performance esd Advanced CAN Core (esdACC) implemented in an Intel® FPGA. This allows the boards to support bus mastering and to initiate write cycles to the host CPU RAM, independent of the CPU or the system DMA controller. This reduces host CPU load and overall latency. The CAN messages are linked to a high-resolution 64-bit hardware timestamp.

The evolution to CAN FD provides performance improvements through higher data throughput, while maintaining the advantages of classic CAN. Due to the backward compatibility to CAN, CAN FD modules can be integrated into existing systems at an early stage. This makes it possible to migrate effortlessly to the advantages of CAN FD at a later date.

Involved in the further Development of CAN since its Invention

esd electronics has CAN experience since 1990 and is a founding member of CiA® (CAN in Automation e.V.). We participate in the technical committees of the association and regularly attend the plugfests to ensure interoperability with other manufacturers. This way we are always up to date with the latest developments and can offer products with the most current features.

Trainings and Workshops

Thanks to our many years of experience and highly qualified experts in the field of CAN, we can also solve technically challenging tasks. We are happy to pass on our expertise and, if required, offer our customers and interested parties workshops and training courses on CAN and its optimal use in specific environments. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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esd electronics is a founding member of the CAN in Automation Nutzerorganisation e.V. (CiA®).


esd electronics has been a member of ODVA since 1998.

Product overview of the current CAN interfaces with CAN FD support


The CAN-M.2/402 CAN Interface Board is a single lane M.2 PCIe card with Intel® FPGA for up to two CAN FD interfaces. The design is based on the esd Advanced CAN Controller (esdACC).

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The CAN-PCIe/402 is a high-end PCI Express card with 1x, 2x or 4x CAN or CAN-FD interfaces with galvanic isolation. Versions with 9pol. SubD- or 37pol. SubD connector are available.

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The CAN-PCI/402 is a PCI board with Altera FPGA for up to 4x CAN which offers a wide choice of hardware designs. Additionally a wide range of operating system support and advanced CAN diagnostic is provided.

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Switched Mezzanine Card (XMC) CAN bus interface card based on the esdACC with 4 CAN FD channels and, as an option, with digitally switchable CAN terminating resistors, 2 LIN interfaces and 4 digital IOs.

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Powerful CAN Interface for PCs: The CAN-PCIe/400 is a PC card designed for PCI Express that features two or optionally four electrically isolated CAN high-speed interfaces according to ISO 11898-2. CAN-PCIe/400-4 comes with CAN interface three and four at a separate slot bracket.

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