esd Advanced CAN Controller

In short: esdACC, a powerful CAN controller

Error Injection Unit - A Part of the esdACC

For many years, the CAN bus has been used not only in automotive and industrial automation, but increasingly also in safety-critical areas such as medical technology or aerospace. Due to the resulting increase in safety requirements, the need for verification, simulation and testing is also growing.
Due to their principle, the CAN controllers available on the market are not able to send faulty CAN frames or generally violate the CAN standard ISO 11898. The esdACC CAN IP core, supplemented by the Error Injection Unit, is not only able to generate or simulate almost all CAN errors, it can even interactively intervene in the running CAN communication.
The error injection unit has different injection modes, such as CAN arbitration, time triggered or pattern matching, which in combination allow even complex scenarios. With the esdACC Error Injection GUI Tool esd additionally offers a free graphical user interface for the Error Injection Unit.

esdACC solves many Problems

In summary, the esdACC is universally applicable and versatile due to its FPGA-based concept. In the course of the development esd electronics has published technical articles with further information and the advantages of the realized solution. You can download these articles under Further Information in PDF format and convince yourself of the advantages of a product with esdACC for your application.

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The CAN-M.2/402 CAN Interface Board is a single lane M.2 PCIe card with Intel® FPGA for up to two CAN FD interfaces. The design is based on the esd Advanced CAN Controller (esdACC).

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