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CAN Error Injection
A Simple but Versatile Approach

Nowadays, CAN buses are standard building blocks, not only in automotive area and industrial automation, but to an increasing degree in safety sensitive areas, including medical environments, aircraft industry and even in space. With the elevated safety requirements there's a rising need for verification, simulation and testing. [Read more]

CAN Interfaces Picture of CAN interfaces: PCI Express, PCI, CompactPCI, CPCI Serial, USB, AMC, XMC/PMC
CAN Interfaces for PC and industrial Computers

The CAN bus is the standard bus in automotive applications and is quite common in machine building industry. esd offers a wide range of hardware platforms for CAN interfaces. [Read more]

CAN-CBM Series Features CAN-CBM-I/O modules by esd
CANopen® I/O Modules
  • Compact I/O modules
  • CANopen profiles acc. to CiA® specification CiA 301, CiA 401
  • Easy control cabinet wiring
CAN-CBX Series Features CANopen I/O Module von esd
CANopen® I/O Modules and CPUs with InRailBus
  • Compact I/O modules and real-time controllers
  • Operation as stand-alone CANopen modules or joined modules via InRailBus
  • Replacing individual modules from InRailBus without interrupting CAN or power feed
CompactPCI 19 inch, 3 U CompactPCI system
Systems and Boards

Well-proven industrial Standard

The CompactPCI® standard is well-proven in industrial applications for many years. The robustness and the capability for individual configuration have contributed the success of the bus system. [Read more]

Advanced CAN Controller

Most standalone CAN controllers available today are connected to the host system by eight or sixteen bit wide parallel buses. Write and especially read accesses to such peripheral devices are very slow compared with the cycle time of modern CPU's.

[Read more]

EtherCAT EtherCAT Interfaces Gateways and Software by esd
Real-time industrial Ethernet Technology

EtherCAT® is a very flexible real-time Industrial Ethernet protocol published as IEC 61158 standard. The data exchange follows the 'processing on the fly' principal which means that data is passed by each slave device with just a minimal delay before it is processed. [Read more]

Gateways and Bridges CAN-, CANopen-, EtherCAT-, Profibus-, Profinet gateways by esd

Linking industrial Bus Systems

The portfolio of esd's gateway familiy contains linking of CAN and CANopen to industrial field bus systems like PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET and EtherCAT.

[Read more]

Mezzanine Cards: PMC, XMC and AMC PMC and XMC modules designed by esd
Quasi Standard of Mezzanine Cards in VME Systems

PMC and XMC are the quasi standard for mezzanine cards in VME systems. esd's PMC and XMC modules extend your system with a bus interface (CAN, EtherCAT, Ethernet) or an intelligent sub system (e.g. XMC-CPU/2041, PMC-CPU/440). [Read more]

Software Windows, Linux, VxWorks, RTX, QNX, OS-9, On Time RTOS-32 logos
Driver, Tools and Operating System Support

Operating System Support

esd especially supports the real-time multi tasking operating systems VxWorks®, QNX®, RTX, OS-9® and OnTime RTOS32. [Read more]