With over 30 years of experience in the development of complex electronics, we are very familiar with proven technologies. However, we also focus on innovative concepts and processes and develop "state of the art".


Fieldbus with high data security and priority control

The CAN bus has also established itself outside of automotive applications due to its high data security and has long been used in industrial automation as well as in safety-relevant areas. With the further development to CAN FD (Flexible Data Rate) and the standardization in ISO 11898-1:2015, the way is clear for powerful CAN FD applications with speeds of up to 10 Mbit/s and 64 bytes of user data.


Ethernet-based fieldbus for many I/O and short cycle times

EtherCAT® is a very flexible real-time Ethernet protocol for industrial applications and is described in the IEC 61158 standard. The data exchange follows the 'processing on the fly' principle: This means that the telegram passes through each slave device and the corresponding device takes its data. This causes only a minimal delay. Data to the master is inserted into the telegram in an appropriate manner. This makes EtherCAT an optimal solution for Ethernet-based industrial control systems with many decentralized I/Os and/or cycle times smaller than 100 µs.

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CompactPCI® and CompactPCI® Serial

Plug-in card system with flexible configuration and for high data throughput

CompactPCI and CompactPCI Serial are standards for high-end systems in 19-inch technology with passive backplane for high demands on performance, robustness and reliability. The CompactPCI® standard has proven itself in the industry over many years. Its robustness and individual configuration options have contributed to its success.

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Proven plug-in card system in industrial 19" technology

The VMEbus is a multi-master bus system for industrial control systems in 19" form factor. With VME-XMC/PMC carriers and mezzanine boards, the VMEbus system can be expanded in many ways.We offer industrial CPU and I/O boards in 6U format as well as 19'' complete systems for this purpose.


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Mezzanine Cards for flexible plug-in card systems

PMC and XMC are the quasi-standard for mezzanine cards for VME and CPCI systems. Our PMC and XMC modules extend the system by bus interfaces like CAN, CAN FD, EtherCAT® or Ethernet or by an intelligent subsystem as an own CPU module. Especially in science and research, AMC mezzanines and uTCA systems are widespread, as they allow high data throughput with maximum configuration flexibility.

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Gateways and Bridges

Fast data exchange between different fieldbuses

Our gateway portfolio includes couplings from CAN, CANopen and DeviceNet to other industrial fieldbus systems such as PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET and EtherCAT. Adaptations to hardware and software as well as special developments are our specialty.

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Firmware and Software

From bootloader to application in real time on the road

Real-time operating systems differ from standard systems such as Windows in their better deterministic behavior. For many applications in control engineering, the reaction speed to events and interrupts is also of decisive importance. We mainly support the real-time multitasking operating systems VxWorks®, QNX®, RTX, OS-9® and OnTime RTOS32. We develop bootloaders, drivers, test programs and applications for our products and also on behalf of our customers. Of course, workshops, customer training and support contracts are also part of the overall package of a customer development.

I/O modules for CANopen und EtherCAT

Analog and digital interfaces to the real world

Even with "simple" I/O modules, numerous parameters must be considered during development. These include, for example, reverse polarity protection, temperature drift, housing technology and manufacturing costs, to name just a few. The development of I/O modules, especially for special applications, therefore requires careful engineering. Our range of I/O modules for standalone or DIN rail mounting enables the connection of a wide variety of sensors and actuators. The portfolio includes the classic analog and digital signals, but also relays, temperature sensors and, above all, solutions tailored to customer requirements.

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