VMEbus Product Archive

Here you will find in alphabetical order all VMEbus products distributed by esd electronics in the past. The products listed here are in status NV (No longer available) or EOL (End of Life, remaining stocks may still be available).

We will be happy to continue repairing our older products for you at a reasonable price, as far as possible.

Feel free to contact us if you need a product from our archive as a spare part. For some products we can recommend suitable successor products. We are also happy to help you update your old equipment and develop compatible successors for you.


VGA Graphics Adapter

  • Intelligent graphic controller (IGC)

  • Available without CPU as well (ACRTC)

  • 16 colors or grey steps, color lookup table

Order no. Order item
V.1501.02 VME-ACRTC-1
V.1501.04 VME-ACRTC-2
V.1501.06 VME-ACRTC-2M
V.1502.02 VME-IGC
V.1502.12 VME-IGC-MF2
V.1503.02 VME-IGC-2M-WIM


16 Differential Analog Inputs

  • 16 differential analog inputs

  • Resolution 12 bits

  • Input range: 0...10 V, 0(4)...20 mA, +/- 10 V


Order no. Order item
V.1701.02 VME-AD16-1 16x 10V
V.1701.90 VME-AD16-P2VCC


16 Analog Thermal Inputs

  • 16 analog thermal inputs with cold junction compensation

  • Resolution 12 bits

  • Input signals: thermocouples or 0...10 V, 0(4)...20 mA for each channel separately

Order no. Order item
V.1703.02 VME-ADTH16


16 Serial Interfaces

  • 16 serial interfaces RS-232C or TTY

  • Easily configured by jumpers

  • Optionally 12 channels RS-422

Order no. Order item
V.1401.02 VME-ASIO16-ADAPT
V.1401.04 VME-ASIO16-DSUB
V.1401.06 VME-ASIO16-06
V.1401.08 VME-ASIO16-08
V.1401.10 VME-ASIO16-10
V.1401.12 VME-ASIO16-12
V.1401.16 VME-ASIO16-16


Intelligent Board for 2 CAN Channels

  • Full CAN controller by integrated firmware for any identifier

  • Basic CAN controller 82C200 or Full CAN controller 82527

  • Electrical isolation by optocouplers

Order no. Order item
V.1405.02 VME-CAN2
V.1405.03 VME-CAN2-B


8 Analog Outputs

  • General purpose analog output board

  • 12 bits resolution, 5 µs settling time

  • Multiple output voltage ranges possible, optionally current outputs


Order no. Order item
V.1702.02 VME-DAC812-2U
V.1702.04 VME-DAC812-4U
V.1702.06 VME-DAC812-6U
V.1702.08 VME-DAC812-8U
V.1702.12 VME-DAC812-2B
V.1702.14 VME-DAC812-4B
V.1702.16 VME-DAC812-6B
V.1702.18 VME-DAC812-8B
V.1702.22 VME-DAC812-20mA-2
V.1702.24 VME-DAC812-20mA-4
V.1702.26 VME-DAC812-20mA-6
V.1702.28 VME-DAC812-20mA-8
V.1702.90 VME-DAC812-P2VCC


VMEbus I/O Module with 32 programmable Digital I/Os

  • 32 digital process inputs with interrupt, 5V...30V

  • 32 outputs 6V...28V/0.3 A, sustained short-circuit-proof

  • Over voltage and over temperature protection

Order no. Order item
P.1607.50 VME-DPIO32-OS9
P.1607.56 VME-DPIO32-VxWorks
V.1607.02 VME-DPIO32 --> V.1607.04
V.1607.04 VME-DPIO32/63140
V.1607.90 VME-DPIO32-P2VCC
V.1607.93 VME-DPIO32-P2VCC-3X


High Resolution Color Graphic Processor

  • CPU MC68360 and up to 16 Mbytes DRAM

  • Ethernet interface

  • Graphic processor GDP HD64400

Order no. Order item
V.1505.02 VME-IGP-1M/NET
V.1505.06 VME-IGP-1M


Position Controller for 5 Axes

  • 5 incremental encoder inputs with each an index input using 24 V

  • 5 enable outputs 24 V/ 3x 0.6 A and 2x 0.3A nominal current, short-circuit-proof

  • 5 analog outputs for DC and servo motors, ±10 V/12 bits

Order no. Order item
V.1810.25 VME-IPOS-2 5 Axes Position


Intelligent Board with 12 Serial Interfaces

  • 8 channel controller SAB82538

  • 4 additional interfaces via SCC of the CPU

  • RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or TTY selectable by adapters (piggybacks)

Order no. Order item
P.1414.50 VME-ISER12-OS9/68k
P.1414.51 VME-ISER12-OS9/PowerPC
P.1414.56 VME-ISER12-VxWorks
V.1414.01 VME-ISER12
V.1414.10 VME-ISER12-ADAPT
V.1414.12 VME-ISER12-ADAPT-FP6/9


Intelligent Board with 10 Serial Interfaces

  • 10 asynchronous serial interfaces, 2 of them synchronous as well

  • Versatile interfaces RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or TTY (active or passive selectable)

  • Max. 38.4 kbit/s on all 10 channels simultaneously

Order no. Order item
V.1402.02 VME-ISER8-A 12V-DC/DC
V.1402.04 VME-ISER8-B 5V-DC/DC


Intelligent VME64-Carrier Board for PMC Modules

  • High Bandwith - VME64/PCI64
  • Easy Expansion of VMEbus Systems
  • Reliable Design - Easy to Handle and Cost Effective
Order no. Order item
V.1915.02 VME-PMC-CADDY/2
V.1915.03 VME-PMC-CADDY/2-T
V.1915.04 VME-PMC-CADDY/2-CC ConductionC
V.1915.05 VME-PMC-CADDY/2plus
V.1915.06 VME-PMC-CADDY/2plus-T
V.1915.11 VME-PMC-CADDY/2-32P2 Option 32
V.1915.13 VME-PMC-CADDY/2-T -40/75C + 32
V.1915.58 VME-PMC-CADDY/2 VxWorks LIB


VME64 PowerPC™ CPU Board with 2 PMC Slots

  • Fully Equipped VMEbus Processor Board
  • ECC Memory Technology
  • Low Power Design
Order no. Order item
V.1917.01 VME-PMC-CPU/2
V.1917.02 VME-PMC-CPU/2-T -40/75
V.1917.03 VME-PMC-CPU/2-CC Conduction Co
V.1917.11 VME-PMC-CPU/2-32P2 Option 32P2
V.1917.12 VME-PMC-CPU/2-46dz
V.1917.13 VME-PMC-CPU/2-T -40/75 + 32P2
V.1917.14 VME-PMC-CPU/2-CC-32P2
V.1917.57 VME-PMC-CPU/2 / -Caddy/2(plus)
V.1917.58 VME-PMC-CPU/2 / Caddy2(plus) V

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