VxWorks Support

VxWorks® Support and Services

Experience in a wide Range of VxWorks Applications

  • Kernel driver and libraries

  • Embedded VxWorks for x86, ARM®, PowerPC™ and QorIQ™

  • Software protocol suites for EtherCAT®, CANopen®, J1939 and others

Support, Training and Workshops

Customer specific Software Development

esd Offers a wide Variety of Services surrounding VxWorks

VxWorks Kernel Drivers

Kernel driver and libraries are available for many of our products.

  • Device drivers for CAN/CANopen and other I/O interface products.
  • Well defined libraries providing stable and documented APIs.

CAN Boards with support by Windriver VxWorks CAN Stack.

  • CAN-PC104/200 (CAN for PC-104)
  • CAN-PCI/200 (1 or 2 CAN for PCI)

For many other esd CAN boards NTCAN drivers with the same API (for VxWorks, Linux, Windows and other Operating Systems) are available.

Driver and Library Support for esd Products

Micro TCA Hardware

Driver and Library Support for EOL Products (Archive)

VME Hardware

  • VME-PMC-CPU/2 (PowerPC Prozessor-Board mit 2 PMC-Slots)
  • VME-PMC-CPU/2-CC (Conduction-Cooled PowerPC Board mit 2 PMC-Slots)
  • VME-PMC-CADDY/2 (PMC-Carrier-Board)

CompactPCI Hardware

  • CPCI-CAN/400 (2 oder 4 CAN, Layer 2, CANopen, J1939 oder ARINC 825, Bus Master DMA)
  • CPCI-ETH2 (1000BASE-T-Ethernet)
  • CPCI-HD/2 (HD-Drive, CompactFlash® und 2 SATA-Interfaces)

PMC/XMC Hardware

  • PMC-CPU/405 (PowerPC PrPMC Modul mit Ethernet und CAN)

Please contact our sales team for further information about the availability of drivers for the EOL products.

Board Support Packages (BSPs)

VxWorks is our first choice, if you need pinpoint control or have increased safety needs. Amongst others VxWorks is certified according to RTCA DO-178B, EUROCAE ED-12B and IEC 61508 to match even highest levels of global safety standards.

  • esd's embedded computing platforms are developed with a strong focus on VxWorks.
  • esd has VxWorks experience on many platforms: from ARM to PowerPC, from below 100 MHz to above 1 GHz, from low cost SOCs (e.g. ARM9) to high-end multicore CPUs (e.g. QorIQ).
  • esd provides VxWorks BSPs for their standard and customer specific platforms. This includes BSP adaption and userland composition. Especially for custom projects this process will be adapted according to our customer's and projects' needs.

BSPs are available for several CompactPCI CPUs, XMC/PMC CPUs and VME CPUs.
Please contact us for detailed information.

Software Protocol Stacks

esd offers complete protocol stacks for CANopen®, J1939, EtherCAT® and other fieldbus technologies.
The APIs are the same for all supported operating systems, making recompilation from or to VxWorks easy.

Customer specific Software Development

Among our standard products, esd offers customised software solutions based on VxWorks as engineering service. Please contact our sales team.

Support, Workshops and Training

  • esd offers training courses that are especially suited for esd's off-the-shelf or customized projects based on VxWorks.
  • esd provides long term support for drivers and BSPs, even back to far outdated VxWorks versions.
  • Support and training are provided by esd's highly motivated and experienced engineers and developer team.
  • Please contact our support team.

Do you miss VxWorks support for specific esd products?

esd's software support for VxWorks is subject of continuous development. For missing VxWorks support and for customer-specific software solutions, please contact our support team. We will send you the required software or find another solution based on your requirements.

About VxWorks

VxWorks from Wind River is one of the leading real-time operating systems for embedded systems since 1981. A variety of hardware architectures is supported by VxWorks, such as x86, PowerPC and ARM to name the most prominent. Nowadays VxWorks is used in a wide range of applications ranging from mobile devices, automotive and medical systems up to avionics and defence, powering more than a billion systems worldwide.

Detailed information about VxWorks is available on the website of Wind River Systems at http://windriver.com/products/vxworks
esd is a member of the Wind River Partner Program.


  • Real-time OS
  • POSIX compliant operating system
  • Extensive architecture support: ARM, PowerPC, x86 and many more
  • High safety standards: RTCA DO-178B, EUROCAE ED-12B and IEC 61508
  • Highly scalable: 32/64bit, single/multi core

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