CAN 402 Series - Interfaces for all Cases

One Hardware Core for numerous Form Factors

The CAN 402 Series is a CAN board family developed for the PCIexpress and PCI bus. The CAN 402 Series has variants with up to four galvanically isolated CAN or CAN FD interfaces according to ISO 11898-2 and is implemented with the esdACC (esd Advanced CAN Core) certified according to ISO 16845:2004.

  • CompactPCI and CompactPCI Serial for High-End-Systems with backplane 
  • M.2 or PCIexpress Mini in small format for notebooks and embedded systems
  • PCI or PCIexpress as standard interfaces for desktop PC and control computers
  • PMC and XMC as mezzanine cards for plugging onto CPU boards
  • USB mobile interface for debugging, testing and data logging

Unified API for Windows, Linux, and real-time Operating Systems

The uniform API for the CAN and CAN FD interfaces facilitates porting between different systems. Drivers are also available for real-time OS such as QNX, VxWorks or RTOS32. Our powerful CAN tools for Windows support development, test and diagnostics.
Overview of available drivers

Picture of CAN interfaces: PCI Express, PCI, CompactPCI, CPCI Serial, USB, AMC, XMC/PMC, M.2
CAN interfaces by esd: PCI Express, PCI, CompactPCI, CPCI Serial, USB, AMC, XMC/PMC, M.2

Same hardware core

Proven hardware core on all boards of the CAN 402 series

Windows, Linux, Real time-OS

Can be used under Windows, Linux and various real-time operating systems

CAN-Tools - free of charge

Free CAN tools for fast development, commissioning and troubleshooting

FPGA based (esdACC)

Additional diagnostics (Error Injection) and protocols possible through the esd-Advanced CAN controller (esdACC) IP core in the FPGA

One API for all

Easy portability of applications to different interface boards

Flexible FPGA technology

Future-proof through the use of state-of-the-art FPGA technologies

The CAN 402 Series


The CAN-M.2/402 CAN Interface Board is a single lane M.2 PCIe card with Intel® FPGA for up to two CAN FD interfaces. The design is based on the esd Advanced CAN Controller (esdACC).

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The CAN-PCIe/402 is a high-end PCI Express card with 1x, 2x or 4x CAN or CAN-FD interfaces with galvanic isolation. Versions with 9pol. SubD- or 37pol. SubD connector are available.

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The CAN-PCI/402 is a PCI board with Altera FPGA for up to 4x CAN which offers a wide choice of hardware designs. Additionally a wide range of operating system support and advanced CAN diagnostic is provided.

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Switched Mezzanine Card (XMC) CAN bus interface card based on the esdACC with 4 CAN FD channels and, as an option, with digitally switchable CAN terminating resistors, 2 LIN interfaces and 4 digital IOs.

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