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esd is your reliable partner for support, engineering and software development around the real-time operating system QNX® from BlackBerry®. With our expertise, we help you to fully exploit the power of QNX® and develop customized solutions for your specific requirements in a variety of application areas.

Overview of our services

Development and customization of customer-specific software and applications

As an experienced partner for the QNX operating system, esd offers software development support. With a deep understanding of QNX architecture and functionality, we are able to develop and customize software solutions and applications. Whether you are active in automotive engineering, medical technology, industrial control or any other field, we can optimally support your QNX-based projects.

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Hardware Driver Development aka QNX Resource Manager

The QNX Resource Manager is a powerful framework within the QNX operating system that facilitates the implementation of device drivers and utilities for resource management. esd has been providing hardware drivers for its own hardware products as well as specific driver development for customer products for many years.

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Board Support Packages (BSPs) for own products and products of customers or cooperation partners such as EKF

A Board Support Package (BSP) for QNX is a collection of software components specifically designed to support and adapt the QNX operating system to a particular hardware platform to facilitate the integration and operation of QNX on that platform. esd partners with EKF to provide BSPs for CPU boards.

Board Support Packages for EKF products

Software stacks for CANopen, J1939 and EtherCAT for QNX

For real-time communication under QNX, esd offers software stacks for CANopen, J1939 and EtherCAT. All software stacks have been developed with expert knowledge and help to quickly network a QNX system with other components.

J1939 Software Stack      CANopen Protocol Stack

EtherCAT Master Stack      EtherCAT Slave Stack

Trainings and workshops on QNX

In addition to support, consulting and software development, esd electronics also offers comprehensive QNX training and workshops to enable users to understand and effectively utilize the full capabilities of this powerful real-time operating system. The content of each training or workshop is individually tailored to achieve the greatest possible success.

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In which areas is QNX used?

QNX is widely used in safety-critical and time-critical applications, such as automotive, industrial control systems, medical, networking and telecommunications equipment, and aerospace. QNX's high performance and deterministic behavior make it a preferred choice for real-time applications where fast response times and high system reliability are required.

Application example: EtherCAT in use in high-end medical application

Read our case study from medical technology about the use of QNX and our EtherCAT software stack for master and slave devices and see what benefits and solutions can be realized with it.

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What is QNX and what are its advantages?

QNX is a real-time operating system (RTOS) developed by QNX Software Systems, which has been a subsidiary of BlackBerry since 2010. QNX is based on a microkernel architecture, which makes it a modular, scalable and robust system. This architecture allows a strict separation between the kernel and user processes, resulting in increased stability, security and reliability.

Reliability: QNX is designed for reliability and has high availability, making it a good choice for applications that require high resilience. It has a high fault tolerance and is able to quickly detect and fix failures before they can lead to major problems.

Security: The microkernel architecture, which minimises the attack surface, the low complexity of the kernel, the process isolation and the robust fault tolerance mechanisms make QNX particularly secure. These features, combined with security certifications and features, make QNX a reliable choice for security-critical applications.

Scalability: QNX can be used in a wide range of applications, from small embedded systems to large distributed networks. It is able to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications and can be seamlessly integrated into different systems.

Real-time capability: The Priority-Based Preemptive Scheduler and Microkernel architecture allow specific priorities to be assigned to services and processes, resulting in fast responses and precise timing. This ability to meet "hard" real-time requirements is critical for applications where timing precision and reliability are important.

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Our experienced team will answer your queries and provide you with the support you need to optimise your work with QNX. Feel free to contact us for specific technical requirements, information about our training courses and workshops or general enquiries about our services. At esd electronics, we are committed to providing you with the best possible support for your QNX-based projects.

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Are you missing QNX support for one of our products?

Software support for QNX is continuously being developed at esd. If you cannot find a QNX article for an esd product or if you need a software solution adapted to your application, please contact our support team. We will send you the required software or find solutions for your application together with you.