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esd is your contact for INtime® from TenAsys® for comprehensive support and individual software development. As a reliable partner, we not only offer you expert technical support and engineering services for the INtime real-time operating system, but also develop customized software solutions that are precisely tailored to your specific requirements.

Overview of our services

Hardware Driver and NTCAN API for CAN Interfaces

Realise real-time CAN and CAN FD communication with our dedicated hardware drivers and the NTCAN API for INtime version 6 and 7. Benefit from the advantages of our PCI/PCI Express-based CAN interfaces of the CAN 402 family, which are available in a variety of form factors. Our portfolio ranges from M.2 and Mini PCI Express to Standard PCI Express, XMC and  CompactPCI Serial to meet your diverse application requirements.

CAN 402 Family

Development and Customisation of customer-specific Software and Applications

As a partner for the INtime operating system, esd offers support in software development. With a deep understanding of the architecture and functionality of INtime, we are able to develop and adapt customised software solutions and applications. Whether you are active in automotive engineering, medical technology, industrial control or any other field, we can optimally support your INtime-based projects.

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INtime training courses and workshops

In addition to support, consulting and software development, esd electronics also offers comprehensive INtime training courses and workshops to enable users to understand and effectively utilise the full capabilities of this powerful real-time operating system. The content of each training course or workshop is customised to achieve the greatest possible success.

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In which areas is INtime used?

INtime is often used in time-critical and high-precision applications, such as in the automotive industry, industrial control systems, medical technology, network and telecommunication devices as well as in the aerospace industry. INtime's high performance and deterministic behaviour make it a preferred choice for real-time applications where fast response times and high system reliability are required.

Application example: CANopen in use in medical digital X-ray and fluoroscopy systems

In digital X-ray and fluoroscopy systems, which play a key role in medical imaging, the precise control and synchronisation of imaging components is of crucial importance. Here, the INtime real-time operating system is used in combination with CANopen communication protocols to ensure precise coordination and data transfer between the devices. The CAN interfaces from esd electronics are used as the physical interface of CANopen in these highly specialised applications. These ensure the seamless connection of X-ray detectors, positioning systems and other critical components to the control system.

What is INtime and what are its benefits?

INtime is a real-time operating system (RTOS) developed by TenAsys, which has been developing solutions for industrial control and automation, robotics, test and measurement, medical electronics and aerospace for more than 40 years. INtime is a deterministic real-time operating system. It requires minimal set-up and runs on standard industrial PCs.

Network capabilities and interoperability: INtime offers support for various network protocols and standards, enabling easy integration into existing systems and networks. Interoperability with other systems and devices is of central importance for modern industrial applications, especially in the context of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Scalability and multithreading: INtime supports multithreading and offers good scalability, which means it can be used in small embedded systems as well as larger, more complex applications. The ability to efficiently manage multiple threads simultaneously is crucial for performance in real-time applications. It can be used both as a stand-alone RTOS and in a real-time hypervisor.

Seamless integration with Windows: One of the outstanding features of INtime is its ability to coexist seamlessly with the Microsoft Windows operating system. This enables the development of systems that utilise the extensive features and user-friendly interface of Windows while meeting real-time requirements. Applications can switch back and forth between Windows and INtime, simplifying the development and integration of real-time applications.

Real-time capability: INtime is specifically designed for real-time applications. It offers a deterministic response time, which means that tasks with very precise timing requirements can be executed reliably and consistently. This is particularly important in critical systems such as industrial automation, medical technology and other applications where delays or irregularities can have serious consequences.

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Our experienced team will answer your queries and provide you with the support you need to optimise your work with INtime. Feel free to contact us for specific technical requirements, information on our training courses and workshops or general enquiries about our services. At esd electronics we endeavour to provide you with the best possible support for your INtime-based projects.

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Are you missing the INtime support for one of our products?

Software support for INtime is continuously being developed at esd. If you cannot find an INtime article for an esd product or if you need a software solution customised to your application, please contact our support team. We will send you the required software or work with you to find a solution for your application.