On Time RTOS-32

Hard Real-Time Embedded Operating System for 32/64-Bit x86 Embedded Systems

What we offer

  • Reliable Drivers and Stacks from your Solution Partner
    • CAN device driver
    • CAN protocol stack

  • Support, Training and Workshops

  • Customer specific Software Development

RTOS-32 support remains available: esd electronics as a reliable partner following On Time's closure

On Time has ceased its business operations as of January 1st, 2023. Nevertheless, we continue to offer you support in the use of your RTOS-32 systems. Whether it involves minor adjustments to your RTOS-32 system or porting it to another operating system, you can rely on our expertise. Our experienced team of professionals in the field of embedded software will be happy to support you.

Alternate operating systems

What does esd offer to On Time RTOS-32 users?

CAN Device Driver

esd offers On Time RTOS-32 device drivers for CAN boards and for various bus systems, e.g.:

CAN Protocol Stacks

Customer specific Software Development

In addition to our standard products, esd offers customer specific software solutions based on On Time RTOS-32 as engineering service, which also covers adapting On Time RTOS-32 to a customer's x86 system. Please contact our sales team.

Support, Training and Workshops

Stand to benefit from the know-how of our specialists: esd offers practical workshops for the real-time operating system On Time RTOS-32. We draw up individual instruction material, based on your requirements. Please contact our support team.

Do you miss On Time RTOS-32 support for specific esd products?

esd's software support for On Time RTOS-32 is subject of continuous development. For missing On Time RTOS-32 support  and for customer specific software solutions, please contact our support team. We will send you the required software or find a different solution based on your requirements.

About On Time RTOS-32

On Time RTOS-32 is a royality-free hard real-time Win32 API compatible RTOS for 32/64-bit x86 embedded systems. Detailed information about On Time RTOS-32 is available at the website of On Time at http://www.on-time.com/rtos-32.htm.


  • Hard real-time system for embedded operating systems for 32/64-bit x86 CPUs
  • Implements a Windows subset kernel in only 16k of memory
  • Provides about 400 Win32 API functions
  • Can load Windows DLLs
  • Fully Integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio and other Compilers

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If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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