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New Products

Name Short description
CAN-M.2/402-2-FD CAN-M.2/402-2-FD: M.2 Mini Card with 2 CAN FD Interfaces + 2x DSUB9
M.2 Card with 2 CAN FD Interfaces
  • Single Lane M.2 PCIe Card with Intel® FPGA for 2x CAN FD
  • Wide Range of OS Support and Advanced CAN Diagnostic
  • Flat Design of CAN Interface Adapter

Product Highlights

Name Short description
CAN-PCIe/402 PCI Express board with 2 CAN interfaces: CAN-PCIe/402-2 (C.2045.04) by esd PCI Express® Board with up to 4 CAN Interfaces
  • Single Lane PCIe Board with Altera FPGA for up to 4x CAN
  • Wide Range of Operating System Support and advanced CAN Diagnostic
  • Variety of Product Designs
CAN-USB/400 USB-CAN bus interface: CAN-USB/400 by esd 2x CAN (Layer 2, CANopen®, J1939 or ARINC 825)
  • Two High-Speed CAN Interfaces for USB
  • Robust and Easy to Handle
  • Advanced Diagnostics and Timestamping
LabVIEW NTCAN LabVIEW 2013 by esd LabVIEW™ Support for esd NTCAN API provided by two Sets of VIs
  • Signal Based VIs
  • Problem specific Approach (Signal Based VIs versus NTCAN VIs)
Name Short description
AMC-CAN4 4-Channel AMC-CAN Interface by esd: AMC-CAN4 4 Channel CAN AMC Module
  • High-Speed CAN at High Performance AMC Module
  • Well-Proven Design at a Highly Integrated CAN Module
  • Wide Software Support
ARINC 825 Standard CAN Bus Protocol for Airborne Use ARINC 825 esdACC support by esd ARINC 825 Library for esdACC based CAN Interfaces
  • Wide Range of Scheduling
  • Implementation for different Applications
  • Realtime Behavior for none Realtime Systems
CAN Adapter Cable for CBX/CBM Modules (CAN-Cable-S, 0.3 m) CAN Adapter Cable for CBX/CBM Modules by esd CAN Connection for CBX and CBM Modules
  • 0.3 m CAN cable, characteristic impedance 120 Ω
  • One end 9-pin male DSUB connector, grade 3 quality, metalized plastic case, pin assignment acc. to CiA® specification CiA 303-1
  • One end wire-end sleeves for COMBICON-style plug at CAN module
CAN Error Injection
A Simple but Versatile Approach
CAN SDK Software Development Kit for esd NTCAN-API
  • Support of software development with the esd NTCAN-API
  • Includes the esd CAN diagnosis tools (CANreal, CANplot, CANrepro, CANscript, COBview)
  • Contains:header fileslibrariessample applicationsdocumentationesd CAN Tools
CAN Tools esd CAN Tools for CAN/CANopen networks Free Software Tools for esd CAN Boards
  • Additional free-of-charge tools as part of the esd software development kit (CAN SDK)
  • Supports efficient setup and analysis of CAN applications and networks
  • Operational with all esd PC-CAN interfaces (e.g. PCIe, USB, EtherCAN/2 ...)
CAN-AIR/2 Wireless CAN-Bridge CAN-AIR/2 by esd Wireless CAN-Bridge with USB Interface
  • Wireless CAN-Bridge
  • Easy Software Configuration
  • Power-over-CAN Version (Option)
CAN-Cable-Accessories Picture of CAN Wiring (Example) CAN Wiring for Industrial Environment
  • Factory build Cable Assembly
  • Complies with CANopen® CiA® Recommendation 303 Part1
  • Easy Wiring without Tools
CAN-CBM Series Features CAN-CBM-I/O modules by esd
CANopen® I/O Modules
  • Compact I/O modules
  • CANopen profiles acc. to CiA® specification CiA 301, CiA 401
  • Easy control cabinet wiring
CAN-CBM-AI4 CANopen® Module with 4 Analog Inputs
  • Voltage or current measurement
  • Resolution 12 bits
  • Sample rate: 200 samples/s