Intel computer for marine application

Short development time with standard modules

A 4-channel CAN bus controller was the starting point of a customized development for a military company. The company was originally looking for a single-board computer with multiple interfaces for an existing VPX system. esd electronics from Hanover then developed a customer-specific embedded PC based on its own components as well as tried-and-tested third-party components such as a CPU module with Intel Atom processor.

In search of a single board computer for an existing 3U VPX system with four CAN bus interfaces as well as further performance features, a northern German company from the military sector became aware of esd's 4-channel PCI/CAN board.
In addition to the CAN interfaces, the application required the following interfaces: one serial, one Ethernet and one USB host interface as well as digital inputs and outputs according to its own specification. In addition, the CPU board should be able to operate without a fan at ambient temperatures of -20 to +85 °C.

Proven components provide safety

esd electronics designed a customized board for this specification using esd's own proven CAN core (esdACC).

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Customized marine applications
Customized marine applications

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esd Advanced CAN Controller (esdACC)

Most CAN controllers available today are connected to the host system via eight or sixteen bit wide buses. The write access and especially the read access to these controllers is very slow compared to the cycle time of modern CPUs.

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