Modular system design achieves good scalability for shearer loaders

CAN bus modules in mining heavy machinery

The Eickhoff company from Bochum stands for innovation in heavy mechanical engineering, whether gearboxes for wind turbines, castings or shearer loaders for the mining industry.

Since 2000, it has been using the CAN bus for the development and commissioning of shearer loaders. Since then, various CAN I/O modules and CAN interfaces from the Hannover-based system house esd electronic system design have ensured good scalability of the control system in all SL series shearer loaders. Recent developments with EtherCAN/2 modules are to extend the remote diagnostics functionality down to the CAN level.

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 SL 500 shearer loader from Eickhoff (Source: Eickhoff)
SL 500 shearer loader from Eickhoff (Source: Eickhoff)

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The CANopen-Module comes with 8 A/D-Converter Inputs with 14 bit resolution and ±10.24V input voltage range. It is designed for DIN-EN carrier rail mounting (TS 35)

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