CAN Bus Product Archive

Here you will find in alphabetical order all CAN products distributed by esd electronics in the past. The products listed here are in status NV (No longer available) or EOL (End of Life, remaining stocks may still be available).

We will be happy to continue repairing our older products for you at a reasonable price, as far as possible.

Feel free to contact us if you need a product from our archive as a spare part. For some products we can recommend suitable successor products. We are also happy to help you update your old equipment and develop compatible successors for you.


Wireless CAN-Bridge with USB Interface

  • CAN telegram filtering

  • ISM band (2.4 GHz)

  • External antenna

Order no. Order item
C.2067.02 CAN-AIR/2
C.2067.03 CAN-AIR/2 - Tragschiene
C.2067.04 CAN-AIR/2-Bridge
C.2067.05 CAN-AIR/2-Bridge - Tragschiene
C.2067.06 CAN-AIR/2-PoC


CAN-Interface for Bluetooth®

  • Wireless CAN interface for mobile or stationary application

  • PowerPC™ IBM 405CR, 375 MiPS, 200 MHz

  • 16 Mbyte RAM, 2 Mbyte Flash

Order no. Order item
C.2065.02 CAN-Bluetooth 1xCAN BAT
C.2065.03 CAN-Bluetooth
C.2065.04 CAN-Bluetooth 1xCAN 24V
C.2065.05 CAN-Bluetooth-BRIDGE


CANopen® Module with 4 Analog Outputs

  • Low-cost compact CANopen module

  • 4 analog outputs with 12 bits resolution

  • Output voltage ranges: 0...10 V, ±10 V


CAN Embedded Controller with Display and Keyboard

  • 240 x 128 pixel LC-graphic display

  • Matrix keypad with removable labels on function keys

  • MF2-keyboard interface


Automation Computer with Two CAN Interfaces

  • Microcontroller 68331, 25 MHz

  • Two electrical isolated CAN interfaces designed acc. to ISO 11898-2, bit rate up to 1 Mbit/s

  • Programming and control via RS-232 interface (PC or laptop)

Order no. Order item
C.2845.02 CAN-CBM-PLC/331-1
C.2845.04 CAN-CBM-PLC/331-2


CAN Connection to Serial Interface

  • RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or TTY to CAN

  • Independent microcontroller 68331 for protocol realisation

  • Memory: 512k x 16 bit SRAM, 1M x 8 bit Flash-EPROM

Order no. Order item
C.2840.03 CAN-CBM-SIO1
C.2843.03 CAN-CBM-SIO4


Wireless CAN Bridge with USB Interface

  • Wireless Communication between Nets
  • Minimum Connection Time and Latency
  • Wireless CAN Bridge with extendable InRailBus Technology
Order no. Order item
C.3051.02 CAN-CBX-AIR/2
C.3051.04 CAN-CBX-AIR/2-Bridge

CAN-CBX-COM2 1xRS232 1xRS485

CANopen® Module with Two Serial Interfaces (RS-232, RS-485)

  • Integration of Two Serial Interfaces Into a CANopen Network
  • User Friendly CANopen Module with Solid InRailBus Technology
  • Configuration of Serial Interfaces

Still available versions of the product


CANopen® Module with 4 Relay Outputs

  • 4 Monostable Relay Outputs
  • Approved Reliability and Ease of Use
  • Electrical isolation of relay outputs

Still available versions of the product


Controller Board with Analog and Digital I/Os

  • 68376 microcontroller

  • 1 Mbyte SRAM, 256 kbyte Fast SRAM, 512 kbyte EPROM, 128 kbyte NV-RAM with RTC

  • 16 digital outputs, electrically isolated

Order no. Order item
C.2070.01 CAN-Control-CPU
C.2070.10 CAN-Control-CPU-RTOS-UH
C.2070.11 CAN-Control-CPU-CON


Digital Inputs and Outputs in 19"-Plug-in Case

  • 64 inputs (8 groups with 8 inputs each)

  • Input voltage 12 V

  • All inputs electrically isolated

Order no. Order item
C.2071.01 CAN-Control-I/O
C.2071.04 CAN-Control-I/O-CO
C.2071.11 CAN-Control-I/O-CON Stecker


CAN-S5-PLC Interface Module

  • Direct interface between PLC and CAN I/O modules (SIEMENS PLCs of types S5-95U, S5-100U or ET-100 respectively and CAN I/O)

  • Decentralized connection of analog and digital data to PLC

  • No additional functions or data components necessary - PLC programs run as usual

Order no. Order item
C.2902.05 CAN-CSC595/2-CO


4 Digital/Analog Inputs, 4 Digital Outputs

  • 4 input ports

  • 4 different input operating modes: digital input, analog input, switch input, resistance measuring

  • 4 digital outputs 12 V / 24 V, 0.5 A

Order no. Order item
C.2080.01 CAN-Mini-ADI4/DO4


Intelligent PC/104-CAN-Interface

  • Interface from PC to one or two independent CAN Nets

  • Microcontroller 68331 on board

  • PC/104 interface: IN/OUT FIFOs (512 bytes each), IRQ: 1 of 12 (like ISA/331)


Order no. Order item
C.2012.02 CAN-PC104/331-1 1x CAN
C.2012.04 CAN-PC104/331-2 2x CAN
C.2012.09 CAN-PC104/331-2 MicroMatch



  • Bi-directional CENTRONICS interface to CAN

  • Fast CAN coupling to PC

  • Compact aluminium mini case

Order no. Order item
C.2422.01 CAN-PCC
C.2422.12 CAN-PCC-ADPT-MDIN Eratz ist
C.2422.14 CAN-PCC-PS 220V>6V


PCI-CAN Interface for 66 MHz PCI Systems (Layer 2, CANopen® or J1939)

  • 1 or 2 channel low cost CAN interface for PCs

  • Works at 66 MHz PCI and 33 MHz PCI systems (PCI local bus standard 2.2)

  • CAN controller SJA1000 acc. to ISO 11898-1

Order no. Order item
C.2036.02 CAN-PCI/266-1
C.2036.04 CAN-PCI/266-2


High Performance PCI-CAN-Interface

  • High-end PC board for the PCI bus

  • Microcontroller 68360 with real-time operating system

  • Up to 32 MB DRAM

Order no. Order item
C.2022.02 CAN-PCI/360-1 1xCAN
C.2022.04 CAN-PCI/360-2 2xCAN
C.2022.06 CAN-PCI/360-4 4xCAN


PCI Express® CAN Interface Board (Layer 2, CANopen® or J1939)

  • Low-cost 1- or 2-channel CAN interface card for PCs

  • CAN high-speed interfaces according to ISO 11898-2, galvanically isolated
  • PCIe® interface according to PCI Express specification R1.0a


ISO 11519-2 CAN-Interface

  • Converter of CAN-TTL signals to a ISO 11519-2 low-speed CAN interface with DSUB9 connector

  • Converter also available with 5-pin COMBICON connector

  • Can be fed by external CAN power supply


Order no. Order item
C.1201.02 CAN-PHYSLAY-LSP LowSpeed CAN


Passive I-Repeater for CAN

  • Expansion of the CAN network

  • Industry-suitable Design

  • Can be used to improve the participant capacity of the CAN bus or to insert an electrical isolation

Still available versions of the product

Order no. Order item
C.1330.06 CAN-Repeater-I-Opto


USB-CAN-Interface for USB 1.1

  • USB CAN adapter

  • Case dimensions 55 mm x 55 mm x 25 mm

  • Microcontroller MB90F543 with integrated CAN controller

Order no. Order item
C.2064.02 CAN-USB-Mini Interface 1xCAN
C.2064.03 CAN-USB-Mini 1xCAN Tragschiene


DeviceNet™/ S5-PLC Interface Module

  • Direct interface between PLC and DeviceNet I/O modules

  • Decentralized connection of analog and digital data to PLC

  • PLC type: Siemens SIMATIC S5, S5-95U, S5-100U, ET-100


Intelligent PC/104 to DeviceNet™ Interface

  • Intelligent DeviceNet interface at PC/104 board

  • On board microcontroller for local data management

  • Local master/scanner firmware relieves the user dealing with the low-level DeviceNet protocol

Order no. Order item
C.2014.02 DN-PC104/331-1
C.2014.04 DN-PC104/331-2


CAN-Ethernet Gateway

  • CANoverEthernet

  • ARM®-processor NET+50

  • Ambient temperature range: 0...50 °C


Order no. Order item
C.2050.02 EtherCAN

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