CAN-CBX Series Features

CANopen® I/O Modules and CPUs with InRailBus


  • Compact I/O modules and real-time controllers
  • Operation as stand-alone CANopen modules or joined modules via InRailBus
  • Replacing individual modules from InRailBus without interrupting CAN or power feed
  • Connection of CAN and power supply voltage without wiring effort
  • Easy control cabinet wiring
  • Automatic functional earth ground contact (EMC)
  • CAN/CANopen interface electrically isolated and designed acc. to ISO 11898-2, bitrate up to 1 Mbit/s
  • Firmware adaptable to customers' requirements and upgradeable via CANopen
  • CANopen profiles acc. to CiA® specification CiA 301, CiA 401
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CAN in Automation user group e.V. CiA®

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List of all CAN-CBX products (in alphabetical order)

Type Product Carrier Rail Mounting
InRail Bus Galvanic Isolation of IOs Digital IOs  Relay IOs
Analog Inputs Analog Outputs Serial IOs Temperature


CiA Specification

Digital IO CAN-CBX-DIO8 X X   8 in/outputs 24 V / 1 A,
counter up to 5 kHz
        -20...+60 2-wire
CiA 301,
CiA 401
Relay CAN-CBX-REL4 X X X   2x change-over +
2x normally open contacts,
250 VAC / 8 A 
      -20...+60 2-wire CiA 301,
CiA 401
Analog In CAN-CBX-AI420 X X X     4 sigma-delta-
A/D converter inputs,
20 bit,  ±10 V
    0...+60 3-wire CiA 301,
CiA 401
Analog In CAN-CBX-AI814 X X X     8 inputs,
resolution 14 bit,
±10 V
    0...+60 1-wire
CiA 301,
CiA 401
Analog Out CAN-CBX-AO412 X X X       4 outputs,
resolution 12 bit + sign, ±10 V
  -20...+60 2-wire CiA 301,
CiA 401
Temperature measurement
CAN-CBX-Pt100 X X X     4 inputs,
resolution 20 bit,
Pt100, Pt200, ... Pt5000, Ni100, Ni200, ... Ni5000
    -20...+60 2-wire CiA 301,
CiA 404
CAN-CBX-THERMO X  X X     4 channel
thermoelement inputs
type J, K, B, E, N, R, S and T
    -20...+60 2-/4-wire  CiA 301,
CiA 404
Serial CAN-CBX-COM2 X  X           2x RS-232 (options:
TTY, RS-485)
 0...+60    CiA 301,
DSP 302

CANopen I/O Module von esd