CANopen® Module with 4 Thermocouple Interfaces

High Resolution Temperature Measurement

  • 4 high resolution and accuracy thermocouple inputs

  • Support of J, K, B, E, N, R, S and T thermocouples

  • Automatic cold junction compensation

  • CANopen profiles acc. to CiA® specification CiA 301 and CiA 404

Approved Reliability and Ease of Use

  • Electrical isolation of thermocouple interfaces: all channels are electrically isolated against the microcontroller circuits and against each other

  • InRailBus technology combines high ease of use and proven reliability

  • DIN-EN carrier rail mounting (TS 35)

Setup Options of Thermocouple Interfaces

  • Offset/Gain can be adjusted by the user

  • Voltage-only measurement also available

CANopen module with 4 thermocouple interfaces: CAN-CBX-Thermo  by esd