CAN 402 interface series now available with 8 MBit/s transceiver

The esd-CAN and CAN FD boards are now even faster

Our popular CAN 402 family has been updated. All boards in the series have been equipped with 8 MBit/s transceivers. As a result, the boards now achieve maximum transfer rates of 8 MBit/s during the data phase, compared to 5 MBit/s before. 

CAN-IP-Core esdACC

The CAN 402 family was developed for the PCIexpress and PCI bus and has variants with up to four galvanically isolated CAN or CAN-FD interfaces according to ISO 11898-2. All boards in the family are equipped with the CAN-IP core esdACC (esd Advanced CAN Core) developed by esd and certified according to ISO 16845:2004.
In addition, all cards have the same API, which makes it easier to port applications to different interface boards.

All common form factors available

A variety of form factors are available for your project, depending on the performance characteristics required. For compact solutions the Mini-PCIe format can be used, or even smaller the half-size version. But there is also the M.2 format, or a low-profile variant.
For use under extreme environmental conditions, we have equipped our cards with an extended temperature range. In systems with PC plug-in cards, the form factors PMC, XMC or CPCI (serial) can be applied. Our USB module is ideally used for service, commissioning or in a laboratory environment. Finally, if your application is highly time-critical, we offer drivers for real-time operating systems such as QNX, VxWorks, RTX or

Free Tools and Customization

Our CAN tools for quick commissioning and troubleshooting are included free of charge. Also, our development team will be happy to develop a customer-specific solution for you, based on your specific requirements.

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The CAN 402 series is a CAN board family developed for the PCIexpress and PCI bus. The CAN 402 series has variants with up to four galvanically isolated CAN or CAN-FD interfaces according to ISO 11898-2 and is implemented with the esdACC (esd Advanced CAN Core) certified according to ISO 16845:2004.

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