CompactPCI Product Archive

Here you will find in alphabetical order all CompactPCI products distributed by esd electronics in the past. The products listed here are in status NV (No longer available) or EOL (End of Life, remaining stocks may still be available).

We will be happy to continue repairing our older products for you at a reasonable price, as far as possible.

Feel free to contact us if you need a product from our archive as a spare part. For some products we can recommend suitable successor products. We are also happy to help you update your old equipment and develop compatible successors for you.


High Performance CompactPCI® CAN Interface

  • 2 independent CAN nets

  • High end microcontroller 68360, 25 MHz, 32 bit

  • 128 k x 32 Fast SRAM, 1 M x 8 Flash EPROM

Order no. Order item
C.2026.02 CAN-CPCI/360-2 2xCAN-2.0A/B
C.2026.03 CAN-CPCI/360-2-T 2xCAN-2.0A/B


High Performance PowerPC™ with Ethernet and CAN

  • CompactPCI® Host or Target Adapter

  • PowerPC™ IBM 405GP(r), up to 608 MIPS, 200/233/266/400 MHz

  • Up to 128 Mbyte RAM

Order no. Order item
I.2306.01 CPCI-405 PowerPC Host 16 MB o.
I.2306.04 CPCI-405 PowerPC Host 266MHz /
I.2306.05 CPCI-405 PowerPC Host 400MHz/6
I.2306.08 CPCI-405-A PowerPC PCI-Adapter
I.2306.11 CPCI-405 Host 400MHz/128MB/RTC
I.2306.12 CPCI-405-2 Host 400MHz/128MB/R
I.2306.14 CPCI-405 PowerPC Host 64 MB oh
I.2306.17 CPCI-405 Host 266MHz/128MB/RTC
I.2306.18 CPCI-405 PowerPC Host 64MB/266
I.2306.22 CPCI-405-A-2 Adapter 400MHz/12
I.2306.30 CPCI-405-VxWorks-BSP Adaption
I.2306.32 CPCI-405-Linux-Adaption
I.2306.34 CPCI-405-QNX-BSP-Adaption
I.2306.52 CPCI-405-6S4 6HE/2xCAN/4xSerie


4 Analog Inputs

  • 4 analog inputs

  • 16 bits resolution

  • Input voltage ±10 V


Order no. Order item
I.2302.02 CPCI-AI4
I.2302.03 CPCI-AI4-T
I.2302.55 CPCI-AI4-VxWorks


2x or 4x CAN (Layer 2, CANopen®, J1939 or ARINC 825) with Bus Master DMA

  • 2 or 4 High-Speed CAN Interfaces for CompactPCI® with Bus Master DMA
  • Hardware Option PXI-Interface, IRIG-B Input
  • Realtime OS Drivers, J1939 and ARINC 825 Higher Layer Protocol Support
Order no. Order item
C.2033.01 CPCI-CAN/400-4-I-P 4x CAN, Iri
C.2033.02 CPCI-CAN/400-2 2xCAN
C.2033.03 CPCI-CAN/400-2-P 2x CAN, PXI
C.2033.04 CPCI-CAN/400-4 4x CAN
C.2034.05 CPCI-CAN/400-CC


CompactPCI® Board with 4 CAN Interfaces

  • CompactPCI Board with FPGA for 4 CAN Interfaces via DSUB25
  • Wide Range of Operating System Support and Advanced CAN Diagnostic
  • Modern Transceiver Technology


Multi I/O Serial Interface Board

  • 4 serial interfaces (RS-232 or HDLC/RS-422 or RS-485)

  • 33/66 MHz CompactPCI® interface

  • Local control and management is controlled by an FPGA

Order no. Order item
I.2328.01 CPCI-COM4
I.2328.03 CPCI-COM4-I-P
I.2328.04 CPCI-COM4-1C4-DSUB37-to-4xDSUB
I.2328.15 CPCI-COM4-QNX
I.2328.26 CPCI-COM4-WIN
I.2328.31 CPCI-COM4-VxW


High Performance PowerPC™ with Gigabit Ethernet and CAN

  • PCI-bus master capability

  • 32-bit IBM® PowerPC 750FX™ (800 Mhz) with up to 1850 DMIPS

  • 256 or 512 Mbyte DDR-SDRAM

  • CPCI-CPU/Addon as add-on adapter for graphics, USB and CompactFlash®-card

I.2402.03 CPCI-CPU/750-256MB
I.2402.05 CPCI-CPU/750-512MB
I.2402.12 CPCI-CPU/750-N-256MB
I.2402.14 CPCI-CPU/750-N-512MB
I.2403.02 CPCI-CPU/AddOn
I.2402.31 CPCI-CPU/750-VxW-5.5
I.2402.55 CPCI-CPU/750-VxW-6.7
I.2402.32 CPCI-CPU/750-Linux
I.2402.40 CPCI-CPU/750-RTEMS


72 Digital Inputs and Outputs

  • 72 digital inputs and outputs

  • Direction configurable via software: 2x 32 + 8 or 1x 64 + 8 inputs or outputs

  • Output voltage = 2.4 V (Iout = 7 mA)

Order no. Order item
I.2303.02 CPCI-DIO72
I.2303.03 CPCI-DIO72-T
I.2303.55 CPCI-DIO72-VxWorks
I.2303.90 CPCI-DIO72-con


10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet Interface for CompactPCI®

  • Ethernet interfaces acc. to IEEE 802.3

  • Dual port Gigabit Ethernet controller

Order no. Order item
I.2321.02 CPCI-ETH2 Dual 10/100/1G BaseT


On-Board HD-Drive and CompactFlash® Slot

  • Single slot 3 U, 4 HP

  • On-board IDE hard disk

  • CompactFlash card slot in front panel (type I)

Order no. Order item
I.2310.02 CPCI-HD only RTOS-UH and VxWor
I.2310.03 CPCI-HD (IDE-Interface) only V


2.5" HD-Drive, CompactFlash® and 2 SATA Interfaces

  • Single slot 3 U, 4 HP

  • On-board IDE hard disk (standard at I.2318.04, capacity >= 40 Gb)

  • CompactFlash card slot (type I) in front panel

Order no. Order item
I.2318.02 CPCI-HD/2-SATA/IDE-Interface
I.2318.03 CPCI-HD/2-IDE-Kit
I.2318.04 CPCI-HD/2
I.2318.31 CPCI-HD/2-VxW Source Code


CompactPCI® USB 2.0 Interface with 6 USB Ports

  • High-Speed Data Transfer
  • Special Features
  • Robust Design
Order no. Order item
I.2326.01 CPCI-USB-5
I.2326.02 CPCI-USB-5-CF/SD
I.2326.26 CPCI-USB-5-WIN

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