Small CAN USB Interface in DSUB9 Enclosure

CAN Network at USB 2.0 Full-Speed

  • USB 2.0 full-speed interface with data rates of 12 Mbit/s

  • Differential CAN interface, 1 Mbit/s, ISO 11898-2

  • Powered via USB

  • Microcontroller ARM Cortex™-M3

Robust Metal Case with Status LEDs

  • Die cast case, dimensions 35 mm x 15 mm x 45 mm

  • Two LEDs show the state of the module

  • Incl. USB cable

  • Time stamped CAN messages with a resolution of 1 μsec

Wide Range of Application

  • Silent mode support for analyzing tools

  • Full compatibility with applications written for esd's NTCAN-API

  • CANopen® and J1939 protocol libraries are available

  • Firmware can be updated in the field

Low cost CAN Interface for PC

The CAN-USB/Micro is a very small CAN-USB interface that fits into a DSUB9 enclosure. The ARM Cortex-M3 micro controller handles CAN data.
The non isolated CAN interface is directly powered by USB.

Free drivers for Windows included

The product is offered with drivers for Windows, which can be downloaded free of charge.
Detailed information can be found in the description of our order items and, if applicable, in the accessories at the bottom of this page. For more detailed information on the availability of drivers for your operating system, please contact our sales team.

Free CAN tools for fast setup and diagnosis of CAN networks

Our CAN tools for Windows, which are available free of charge in the CAN SDK, significantly support the user in quickly setting up and easily diagnosing CAN, CAN FD and CANopen networks. The possibility of data logging helps the user to record the data traffic for later analysis and to process it further as a CSV file.

SocketCAN Support

This product benefits from native support through SocketCAN, seamlessly integrated into Linux. This eliminates the need for additional driver installations, ensuring straightforward and efficient usage. For users who prefer to continue utilizing the established NTCAN API calls, esd electronics provides a dedicated NTCAN wrapper library. This library ensures smooth integration of NTCAN APIs into existing systems while maintaining familiar functionality

NTCAN API and available software stacks

The NTCAN API is a cross-platform software communication interface for CAN hardware. The well-structured API allows easy integration into any application. The functionality and the versatility of the implementation provide all necessary mechanisms to control, configure and monitor CAN networks.

Many sophisticated functions make the API ideally suited for use in connection with higher CAN based protocols. For many common protocols corresponding implementations are already available from esd. These higher layer protocols for Classical CAN, which are available for numerous operating systems, include:

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Number: C.2068.02

Intelligent CAN Interface inside D-SUB 9 connector for USB, CAN according to ISO 11898-1, High Speed, ISO 11898-2, D-SUB 9 according to CiA 303-1, USB 2.0 Device, Full-Speed (12 MBit), USB-Cable 1,3m, USB Type A; Drivers, tools and documentation for Windows & Linux on CD-ROM

  • CAN
  • USB
Form factor: USB  
Supported OS:
  • Linux
  • On Time RTOS-32
  • Windows 7/8/10/11
  • CAN-Layer 2
  • CANopen
  • J1939
HS Code: 85176200


Number: C.1101.06

Single user runtime license for CANopen Software Stack for Windows and Linux in conection with esd CAN hardware and NTCAN API. Includes CANopen Manager and Slave as dll's/lib's in one package. Delivery as license sticker and CD (LCD) with documentation.

  • CiA 301 compliant
  • Runtime license
  • Software Stack
Supported OS:
  • Linux
  • Windows 7/8/10/11
  • CANopen
HS Code: 85234920
Number: C.1103.31

OPC UA server with integration for esd CAN interfaces. Operating system: Windows 7 or higher, CPU architecture: x86_64, Delivery as object code, Runtime license for single user/device

  • Software Application
Supported OS:
  • Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Ethernet
  • OPC UA
HS Code: -
Related Products:
Number: C.1140.06

ARINC 825 object licence for Windows, Linux and LabVIEW (Windows), Usable with all esdACC based CAN interfaces, object licence, ARINC 825 dll's/lib's, documentation, includes CAN-Driver object licence (C.1101.02), manuals and CAN-Tools

Supported OS:
  • Linux
  • Windows 7/8/10/11
  • ARINC825
HS Code: 85234920