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The evolution of CAN to CAN FD (Flexible Data Rate) and standardization within the ISO 11898-1: 2015 is clearing the way for powerful CAN FD applications.

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esd relies on CAN FD: The technology at a glance

When classic CAN communication reaches its limits the next step of evolution is not necessarily “Industrial Ethernet”. With CAN FD an increase in performance can easily be reached.

To find out why this is so and which products esd has developed can be read on our new page dealing with the CAN FD technology. The article "How to migrate CAN FD machines and systems" explains what exactly has changed through the development of CAN to CAN FD and which opportunities CAN FD offers. Based on the high-performance Advanced CAN Core (esdACC) esd electronics has additionally extended its CAN FD product range by components with different from factors.

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CAN and CAN FD Interfaces

Due to its high data security, the CAN bus has also established itself outside of automotive applications and has long been used in industrial automation as well as in safety-relevant areas.

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CAN Error Injection

CAN is also being used with increasing frequency in safety-critical areas such as medical technology or aerospace. This results in increased safety requirements and the need for verification, simulation and testing. CAN fault injection can help with this.

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