Update of .NET for CAN Boards

The class library to integrate esd CAN boards into managed code written in compiled (C#, VB.NET,..) or interpreted languages for the Microsoft® .NET Framework has been updated and enhanced.

.NET Class Library for CAN The implementation provides the features of the C/C++ API not as a simple wrapper but as an integration into the object model of the .NET environment. The new version (2.0.0) of the library implements many requests received as customer feedback, like support for CAN messages with timestamps, CAN bus diagnostics, flexible bit rate configuration, etc. The new features are added as an enhancement of existing classes or by introducing new classes without breaking the backward API compatibility. The software comes as an MSI installer with support for .NET 2.0 and later with a class library documentation in .CHM format and examples for C# and VB.NET (Microsoft® Visual Studio 2005 and later).

The software is provided free of charge in combination with an esd CAN interface board. Please contact sales@esd.eufor details.