Legacy CAN Drivers for Windows-based Systems

Here you can find CAN drivers for Windows versions that are no longer supported.

Microsoft has discontinued support to enable in-house cross-signing of device driver code. Because of this, it is no longer possible to release new or updated device drivers for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 based systems. All device driver binaries are digitally signed with our SHA2 (EV) code signing certificate and countersigned by Microsoft to support the stringent driver signing requirements for Windows 10. As a result, Windows XP and Windows Vista, which do not support SHA2 kernel mode code signing, are no longer supported by new driver versions.

Drivers by Windows Version to download

The driver names contain the names of the driver families. Please have a look at our CAN driver information page to find out which family belongs to your product.

Windows 7/8 64-Bit
Windows 7/8 32-Bit
Windows XP/Vista 64-Bit
Windows XP/Vista 32-Bit

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No suitable driver available? Look at our current CAN interfaces for a suitable product

CAN 402 Series - Interfaces for all Cases

The CAN 402 series is a CAN board family developed for the PCIexpress and PCI bus. The CAN 402 series has variants with up to four galvanically isolated CAN or CAN-FD interfaces according to ISO 11898-2 and is implemented with the esdACC (esd Advanced CAN Core) certified according to ISO 16845:2004.

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