On Time RTOS-32

Hard Real-Time Embedded Operating System for 32/64-Bit x86 Embedded Systems

Reliable Drivers and Stacks from your Solution Partner

  • CAN device driver

  • CAN protocol stack

Support, Training and Workshops

Customer specific Software Development


What does esd offer to On Time RTOS-32 users?


CAN Device Driver

esd offers On Time RTOS-32 device driver for their CAN Boards and several bus systems (list of all supported esd CAN interfaces), e.g.:


CAN Protocol Stacks


Customer specific Software Development

In addition to our standard products, esd offers customer specific software solutions based on On Time RTOS-32 as engineering service, which also covers adapting On Time RTOS-32 to a customer's x86 system. Please contact our sales team.


Support, Training and Workshops

Stand to benefit from the know-how of our specialists: esd offers practical workshops for the real-time operating system On Time RTOS-32. We draw up individual instruction material, based on your requirements. Please contact our support team.

Do you miss On Time RTOS-32 support for specific esd products?

esd's software support for On Time RTOS-32 is subject of continuous development. For missing On Time RTOS-32 support  and for customer specific software solutions, please contact our support team. We will send you the required software or find a different solution based on your requirements.

About On Time RTOS-32

On Time RTOS-32 is a royality-free hard real-time Win32 API compatible RTOS for 32/64-bit x86 embedded systems. Detailed information about On Time RTOS-32 is available at the homepage of On Time at http://www.on-time.com/rtos-32.htm .


  • Hard real-time system for embedded operating systems for 32/64-bit x86 CPUs
  • Implements a Windows subset kernel in only 16k of memory
  • Provides about 400 Win32 API functions
  • Can load Windows DLLs
  • Fully Integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio and other Compilers