CAN-I/O Controlled From Within .NET Framework


  • NTCAN.NET class library

  • Allows every compiled (C#, VB.NET, etc.) or interpreted language supporting the .NET framework to do CAN I/O from within the managed environment

  • Class library which allows developers who target the Microsoft®.NET platform to use esd CAN boards

  • Single assembly which supports the complete functionality of the (unmanaged) NTCAN-API in the managed .NET environment

  • No simple wrapper but a tight integration into the .NET framework

  • Supports Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework and higher versions

  • Fully CLS (Common Language Specification) compliant, so all compiled and interpreted .NET languages can use the assembly

  • Comes with class documentation and sample code in C# and VB.NET

Content of Windows® MSI Package:

  • Library for the Microsoft .NET 2.0 and higher versions
  • C#  and VB example code with projects for VS2005 and later
  • Windows online help documentation (.chm file)

Minimum System Requirements:


  • Host PC which complies with the hardware requirements for the target Microsoft .NET version
  • 25 MB free HD drive space
  • esd CAN hardware supported by Windows


  • Windows with installed .NET framework revision 2.0 or later
  • esd CAN driver for Windows 2.5.x or later

Integration in Windows environment with NTCAN.NET by esd
Class diagram of NTCAN.NET