EtherCAT® / Ethernet Selector for two Masters or Networks

Designed to Build Redundant EtherCAT Master Systems

  • One EtherCAT-G network connected to the primary or the secondary EtherCAT Master by a simple control signal

  • Ideal to build up a redundancy at the EtherCAT Master side as extension to EtherCAT Technology Group Standard (ETG)

Compatible for Ethernet Based Systems

  • Flexible application range to switch one network between two Masters / PCs for all Ethernet based systems or field bus standards up to 1000BASE-T

Optical Isolated Switching Signal

  • The switching signal is optically isolated

  • Characteristic according to DIN EN 61131-2, Type 3

  • DIN-EN carrier rail mounting

  • Ethernet physics according to IEEE 802.3


The ECX-ETH-Selector is equipped with a LAN selector. Controlled by a simple switching input signal, the ECX-ETH-Selector can connect for example an EtherCAT-G network to one of two different EtherCAT Masters. The control signal is optically isolated.


The ECX-ETH-Selector is designed for DIN-EN carrier rail mounting.
The module provides service-friendly ‘wiring’ of the supply voltage. The power supply can be applied via the In-Rail-bus connector (TBUS-connector) integrated in the mounting rail or separately via the clamp-connection.

Customization on Request
Customized options are available for customized series production in reasonable quantities. Please contact our Sales Team for detailed information.

ECX-ETH-Selector: EtherCAT-/ Ethernet-Selector for 2 Master / Networks