PROFIBUS-DP® / DeviceNet™ Gateway


  • Fast and reliable linking any PROFIBUS-DP® master to DeviceNet™ with data buffering

  • Application examples: DeviceNet-PLC link, e.g. SIMATIC-S7-300 or S7-400

  • No limitation on the number of DeviceNet participants by the module

  • DP-slave with up to 312 bytes data (partitioning from up to 244 bytes input and 68 bytes output to 244 bytes output and 68 bytes input)

  • On board DeviceNet master or slave

  • Configuration via the configuration tool of the PROFIBUS-DP master

  • DIN-EN rail mountable housing (TS 35)

esd is a member of the PNO (PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V.)

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esd is a member of the ODVA (DeviceNet Vendor Association)

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Linking DP and DeviceNet
The module DN-CBM-DP can link any Profibus-DP master to DeviceNet. The DN-CBM-DP gateway operates as a slave-I/O component with a total of maximum 312 bytes data (partitioning from up to 244 bytes input and 68 bytes output to 244 bytes output and 68 bytes input data) on the DP-bus.

With the DN-CBM-DP gateway you can couple modules with DeviceNet implementation to e.g. a SIMATIC-S7. The number of DeviceNet participants is not limited by the module.

Physical Interfaces
The DeviceNet interface is designed according to the DeviceNet Specification Rev. 2.0. All DeviceNet bit rates are supported. The Profibus-DP-Slave interface automatically recognizes all usual bit rates up to 12 Mbit/s.
The DP as well as the DeviceNet interface are electrically isolated by optocouplers and DC/DC converters.

Serial interface
The module has a serial interface (default: RS-232) for service and configuration. It is connected by a DSUB9 connector.

Configuration and Protocol
For the I/O data mapping of the DP slave a configuration software for Windows95/98 or Windows NT is available. DeviceNet is supported as Layer-7 protocol.

DN-CBM-DP: PROFIBUS-DP® / DeviceNet™ Gateway von esd
Not recommended for new designs