CompactPCI® Serial 4 U / 84 HP System with 300 W Supply

8x CompactPCI Serial Interface Slot + CPU

  • CPU slot with 8 HP option located on the right

  • 4 U / 84 HP 160 mm / 19'' rack mounting

  • 2x cooling fan

Approved Design

  • Design based on long term system integration experience

  • EMC and safety approved

  • Direct technical support by esd

Flexible Usage

  • Compatible with cards of most CompactPCI vendors

  • Standardized components used, allowing easy adaptation

  • System integration support option

CompactPCI Serial

CompactPCI Serial is an approved standard by the PICMG® for high end industrial information equipment. The popularity of PCI Express and other serial communication technologies has led to the CompactPCI Serial standard. Because of the standardization, the system could be adapt easily by the user.

Backplane Options on Request

The "Full Mesh" option offers a multiprocessing support at the backplane via Ethernet, allowing additional system slot boards in peripheral slots, communicating with a data throughput of up to 10 Gbit/s. The Rear-IO option offers usage of rear boards.

esd System Integration

esd has experience with CompactPCI system integration since 2003. The portfolio includes high end CPU cards and a vast collection of interface cards like fieldbus (CAN, EtherCAT®, PROFINET®, PROFIBUS®), IO, storage and other serial communication. esd owns expert knowledge about various operation systems like Windows®, Linux®, QNX®, RTX and VxWorks®. For customized solutions, please contact our sales department.

CompactPCI Serial rack CPCIs-rtws4-9Slot by esd