CompactPCI® PlusIO 4 U / 84 HP system with 250 W power supply unit


4x CPCI Serial slots and 3x CPCI Classic slots

  • CPCI Classic slots with rear IO connector
  • 4 U / 84 TE 160 mm / 19'' rack mounting
  • 2x Full Mesh Ethernet
  • 250 W power supply
  • 3 fans

Proven design

  • Design based on esd's many years of experience as a system integrator
  • Certified electromagnetic compatibility and safety
  • Direct technical support by esd

Flexible to use

  • Compatible with boards from most CompactPCI manufacturers
  • Flexible migration from CPCI Classic standard to CPCI Serial standard
  • Use of standardized components simplifies customization
  • Support for system integration by esd optionally possible


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Number: I.4100.01

CompactPCI PlusIO Rack, 4U / 19'' with 8 slot (3x Classic + 1x CPU + 4x Serial), single Star Ethernet, 230VAC/250W Power Supply with Connector at Rear, 3x Fan in 1HE Tray, Enclosure at Front and Rear except CPU slot

  • PCI
  • PCIe
Form factor: CompactPCI   CompactPCI Serial  
HS Code: 85044030


Number: I.4000.10

Kit for equipping a CompactPCI backplane (Schroff/Pentair) to 3.3V VIO voltage in a system rack

HS Code: 73182900