16 Digital Inputs and 16 Digital Outputs

CompactPCI® Interface with Digital Inputs and Outputs

  • 16 inputs 24 V

  • 16 outputs 24 V, 250 mA

  • All inputs and outputs electrically isolated

Outputs with Short Circuit and Overload Protection

  • Error detection signal

Individual interrupts on each input channel

Digital Inputs and Outputs

The module CPCI-DIO1616 is a CompactPCI board in Euro format with 16 inputs and 16 outputs. All inputs and outputs are electrically isolated.
The 16 inputs are designed for 24 V. Each input can be programmed as an interrupt separately. The falling or the rising edge of the input signal can be programmed to start an interrupt.
The 16 digital outputs are designed to switch 24 V to GND. They are protected against overtemperature and short circuit.
The error signals of the output drivers can be determined.

Software Support

Drivers for the operating systems VxWorks®, QNX6®, Linux® as well as Windows® are available. Additional drivers are available on request.

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