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Our versatile software tools help you set up and manage CAN networks

For a time-saving setup as well as the smooth operation and diagnosis of CAN networks, we offer a variety of free CAN tools. They are included in the scope of delivery of our CAN interfaces.

Our proven software programs support you with the commissioning of your CAN network and also enable efficient monitoring and analysis of CAN data. Moreover, they allow the diagnosis and optimization of CAN networks. 

The CAN tools are enclosed in the CAN SDK for NTCANAPI and include the software tools CANreal, CANplot, CANrepro, CANscript and COBview.

Find out more about the benefits and functionality of our CAN tools in our comprehensive CAN tools report.

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For complex test scenarios: The esdACC Error Injection Unit together with the CAN-USB/400 allows you to easily generate and simulate CAN errors.

We are happy to answer your questions about our CAN products and our tools by phone or via e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.




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CAN Error Injection

CAN is also being used with increasing frequency in safety-critical areas such as medical technology or aerospace. This results in increased safety requirements and the need for verification, simulation and testing. CAN fault injection can help with this.

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