RTOS32 has been discontinued: Find your follow-up operating system

Together we will find a replacement for the discontinued RTOS32 operating system

The development and maintenance of the RTOS32 operating system has been discontinued by its manufacturer OnTime. The question now is which powerful real-time operating system to choose as replacement for RTOS32 running on your hardware?

We actively support you with converting your applications to a suitable operating system. This starts with detailed advice on alternatives that are specifically appropriate for your application, followed by joint workshops to determine your requirements. Finally, we carry out a feasibility study for your individual use case. Once an operating system has been determined as the successor to RTOS32, we take care of the adaptation of your application to the new operating system, as recently completed by us on behalf of a large manufacturer in the field of drive and battery assembly.

Alternative Real-Time Operating Systems for RTOS32

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If you plan on switching to a follow-up operating system for RTOS32, we would be happy to provide you with advice and support. We are looking forward to your inquiry.
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