Passing tests convincingly at the EtherCAT Plugfest

On 6th and 7th July 2022, the EtherCAT Plugfest took place at Weidmüller in Paderborn, Germany

Image source: EtherCAT Technology Group

At the beginning of July, after a two-year break, the first pan-European Plugfest organized again by the ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group) took place in Paderborn, Germany.

Twenty-three manufacturers of EtherCAT master systems, slave devices, stacks or tools took part wishing to test the interoperability of their own products with those of other providers and to optimize them, where necessary. The event offered good opportunity for an exchange about the technology and to clarify any open questions.

esd electronics was represented with its software products EtherCAT Master and EtherCAT Slave Stack as well as with the EtherCAT Workbench. On the hardware side, a new hardware platform for a wide variety of EtherCAT applications was put to the test.

After two days, the result was clear: Once again, the EtherCAT products from esd electronics were approved of a high level of interoperability with devices from other suppliers.

If you need an EtherCAT-based solution, esd electronics is exactly the right place for you. We ensure interoperability with third-party components. We would be happy to advise you in detail and look forward to hearing from you !


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Linking EtherCAT and CAN: The CAN-EtherCAT gateway can link CAN modules with CANopen (CiA DS 301) or layer-2 (ISO 11898-1) implementation to a realtime EtherCAT network. The EtherCAT slave functionality is in accordance with ETG Modular Device Profile No. 5000.

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