EtherCAT Workbench

EtherCAT® Network Configuration and Diagnostic Tool

Versatile EtherCAT Configuration Tool

  • Comprehensive EtherCAT configuration tool for the creation of network configuration files, initialization and monitoring of EtherCAT networks
  • Configuration based on ESI files or ESI data of the device EEPROMs
  • Offline and online mode are supported

Built-in EtherCAT Master to support online topology scan

Export of ENI Configuration Files

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Minimum System Requirements:  
Software Microsoft Windows XP or higher
  .NET Framework 2 SP2
Hardware Network interface card
  Screen resolution at least 1024x768 pixel

Video esd CAN EtherCAT Workbench Quick Start Guide for ECX-DIO8 (EN)

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Number: P.4510.01

network configurator for EtherCAT runnable under 32+64 Bit Windows versions License-Key to unlock Workbench-Demo-Version to Workbench-Full-Version.

  • EtherCAT Master capable
  • Runtime license
  • Software Application
Supported OS:
  • Windows 7/8/10/11
  • EtherCAT
HS Code: -