ARINC 825 library extended by version 4

esd CAN boards now usable under ARINC 825-4

esd has been offering an ARINC 825 library for its esdACC-based CAN boards for many years. Now this library is also available for version 4 of the ARINC 825 specification (ARINC 825-4). 

Essential elements of the CAN FD are also available for ARINC 825-based CAN networks with version 4 of the specification. These especially include 64 byte CAN frames, variable CAN bit rates in the data phase and CAN bit rates of up to 8 Mbit/s.

In recent years, more and more CANbus networks have been used in aviation, which has made system integration increasingly difficult due to the large number of physical interfaces, data formats and CAN identifiers in use. For this reason, the ARINC 825 specification was established in 2007 as the uniform CANbus standard for commercial aviation.

Features of the ARINC 825-4 library

  • Resolution < 1 μs of the transmission scheme of minor time frames
  • Minor time frame repetition rate ≥ 2 ms
  • Start of the transmission scheme at defined time
  • Hardware-based time base for the transmission schedule
  • Real-time behavior of "non-real-time" operating systems
  • Available for various operating systems
  • C and LabVIEW API available

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esd Advanced CAN Controller (esdACC)

Most CAN controllers available today are connected to the host system via eight or sixteen bit wide buses. The write access and especially the read access to these controllers is very slow compared to the cycle time of modern CPUs.

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