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esd develops and manufactures hardware and software for the automation industry. Special focus is given to custom-specific solutions particularly for companies in the fields of automotive and machine industry, medical technology as well as aerospace. esd is a leading manufacturer of CAN modules and offers drivers, tools and applications for several Operating Systems. For EtherCAT and rack mounted systems like VME and CompactPCI esd provides a wide range of components, systems and software....

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CompactPCI® Graphic Card with Silicon Motion SM502 GPU

  • DVI-I, Serial and USB Interface
  • Multiple Interfaces for Touch
  • QNX® and Linux® Driver Support


EtherCAT® Slave Bridge

  • "Bridging" two EtherCAT Slave Segments
  • EtherCAT Implementation
  • EtherCAT Process Image widely configurable
Dual EtherCAT Master Switch: ECX-Master-Selector by esd


Dual EtherCAT Master Selector for two redundant Masters

  • Designed to build redundant EtherCAT Master Systems
  • Compatible for Ethernet based Systems
  • Optical isolated Switching Signal
PCI Express board with 2 CAN interfaces: CAN-PCIe/402-2 (C.2045.04) by esd


PCI Express® Board with up to 4 CAN Interfaces

  • Single Lane PCIe Board with Altera FPGA for up to 4x CAN
  • Wide Range of Operating System Support and advanced CAN Diagnostic
  • Variety of Product Designs

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