Virtual CAN Driver

Develop and simulate your NTCAN based Application without CAN Hardware

Execute NTCAN API based Applications

  • Designed to test NTCAN-API based CAN applications

  • Runs your CAN application program without the need of a working CAN interface and a physical CAN bus (ideally suited for demo applications).

  • Supports all NTCAN API calls

Operating System independent and free of Charge

  • Works independently from operating system type, i.e. each operating system supported by NTCAN API is supported: Windows, Linux, RTX, VxWorks, QNX, ...

  • Simulates esd based CAN hardware interfaces

  • Free of charge

  • Distributed for Windows with CAN SDK

  • Download of Virtual CAN Driver for Linux see Software Support (Downloads and Release Notes)

  • For all other operating systems please contact our support team (

Evaluate Future Features

  • Evaluate features of NTCAN API that are not yet supported by the current esd CAN hardware

Simulation of CAN Application Programs
The virtual CAN driver is a pure software based solution which emulates a physical CAN hardware and is capable to behave nearly identically with less limitations (see below). With this device driver installed you can immediately start developing and testing applications based ob the esd NTCAN API and can move smoothly to a physical esd CAN hardware later on.

Simulation of CAN Application Programs with esd's Virtual CAN Driver