XMC/PMC/PIM Carrier for PCI Express® Systems

Adaption of PMC, XMC and PIM to the PC

  • 1 Slot for a PMC or an XMC board

  • 1 Slot for a PIM mezzanine card

  • Complete J4 routing to the PIM

  • Active Carrier (PCIe-PCI-bridge)

According to PMC/XMC Standards and industrial Requirements

  • PMC IEEE 1386-2001

  • XMC VITA™ 42.0

  • Fan cooling for PMC/XMC board

  • Additional fixing points at the upper edge of the card

Standard and reverse Carrier Version

  • PIM or PMC/XMC oriented to the slot bracket

  • Flexible cabling concept

Carrier Function
The PCIe-XPIMC-Carrier can carry a single PMC or alternatively an XMC module. The PMCs PCI interface is connected to the boards PCIe card edge interface through a single lane PCI/PCIe bridge.

Reverse Version
Beside the standard version the carrier board is also available in a reverse version. Here the PMC/XMC slot is placed at the slot bracket side and the PIM is oriented towards the system's center.

High Power Application Option
For extreme high power applications auxiliary power connectors can be equipped as an option. Please contact our sales team.

PCI-Express-Carrier for XMC, PMC and PIM-modules PCIe-XPIMC-Carrier by esd