PROFIBUS-DP® /DeviceNet™ Gateway

Fast and Reliable Linking PROFIBUS-DP and DeviceNet with Data Buffering

  • DeviceNet-PLC link, e.g. to SIEMENS S7-1500, S7-1200, S7-400, S7-300

  • DeviceNet slave device with up to 240 user data bytes per direction, but limited to a total of 312 user data bytes if using both directions

  • Up to 40 DeviceNet slave devices can be addressed

  • Operation as DeviceNet scanner or slave

Approved Reliability and Ease of Use

  • PROFIBUS DP and DeviceNet interfaces are electrically isolated

  • DIN-EN rail mountable housing (TS 35)

Configuration via the Configuration Tool of the PROFIBUS DP Master

esd is a member of the PNO (PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V.)

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esd is a member of the ODVA (DeviceNet Vendor Association)

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Linking DP and DeviceNet
The DN-DP module can link any PROFIBUS DP master to a DeviceNet network. The DN-DP gateway operates as a PROFIBUS DP slave-I/O component.
At the DeviceNet network the DN-DP gateway can operate as a scanner to control several DeviceNet slave devices or as a single slave device to be connected to one
DeviceNet scanner.
The DN-DP module is always configured via a PROFIBUS DP master.

Configuration of the DN-DP Gateway as a DeviceNet Scanner
As a DeviceNet scanner, several DeviceNet slave devices can be addressed. The maximum number is between 20 and 40.
This number depends on the configured PROFIBUS DP slave I/O type of each DeviceNet slave device.
Up to a total of 312 user data bytes can be configured for each DeviceNet slave device.
For each direction up to 240 user data bytes can be set up.

Configuration of the DN-DP Gateway as a Single DeviceNet Slave
The DN-DP gateway can be configured as exactly one DeviceNet slave. With this configuration, it can be connected to exactly one DeviceNet scanner.

With the DN-DP gateway you can couple DeviceNet modules to e.g. a SIMATIC-S7.

Physical Interfaces
The DN-DP supports all DeviceNet compatible bit rates. The PROFIBUS DP Slave interface automatically recognizes all usual bit rates up to 12 Mbit/s.
The PROFIBUS DP as well as the DeviceNet interface are electrically isolated.

The module can be configured via PROFIBUS configuration tool, e.g. the PLC SIMATIC Manager or the TIA Portal.

DN-DP: PROFIBUS-DP/DeviceNet gateway by esd