CAN Wiring for Industrial Environment

Factory build Cable Assembly

Complies with CANopen® CiA® Recommendation 303 Part1

Easy Wiring without Tools

The cables are designed for application in CAN systems. They are compatible with all esd's CAN devices.
The cable's shield is connected to CAN_GND and protects the differential CAN data signal against electromagnetic influences.


 Feed Through Connector with Termination
     (DSUB9 connector male to DSUB9 connector female)

  Terminating Plugs with Grounding
• DSUB9 terminating plugs with male or female contacts
     (with tab connector for optional grounding)

• T-Connector with 2 DSUB9 connectors (female) and 1 DSUB9 connector (male)

Passive I- and Y-Repeater


Terminating Plugs and T-Connectors
To connect CAN nodes to the main bus cable T-connectors and stub cables are available.
The recommended max. length for stub lines is 0.3 m.
Both ends of the CAN network have to be terminated with a 120 Ω termination.
For external termination several terminating plugs with or without grounding contact for CAN_GND are available.

esd offers CAN-Repeaters with two or three ports and electrical isolation as an option to fit all needs of installation.
The I-Repeater can be used to improve the user capacity of the CAN, or to add an electrical isolation (only with ‘-Opto’ design).
The Y-Repeater additionally branches from one to two CAN lines.


Picture of CAN Cable with CAN signals
Picture of CAN Termination and T-Connector by esd