CAN accessories

CAN wiring for the industrial environment

Feedthrough connector with termination

  • CAN termination DSUB (DSUB9 male connector with male contacts to DSUB9 male connector with female contacts)

Termination plug with grounding

  • DSUB9 termination plug with male or female contacts (including spade connector for optional grounding)


  • 2 DSUB9 connectors with female contacts, 1 DSUB9 connector with male contacts

Termination plug and T-connector

Stub lines and T-connectors are available for connecting individual CAN nodes to the CAN bus.
The cable length recommended by CiA for stubs is 0.3 m.
Both ends of a CAN network must be terminated with resistors of 120 Ω each.
esd offers different terminating connectors with and without ground contact for CAN_GND for the external bus termination.

Adapter cable for our CAN interface boards with DSUB25 and DSUB37 connectors

Some of our CAN interface boards offer DSUB25 or DSUB37 connectors to decouple a larger number of CAN channels. We offer adapter cables to use the normal DSUB9 connector in your application.


In addition to the CAN lines, esd offers CAN repeaters with two or three ports, optionally with galvanic isolation.
The I-Repeater can be used to improve the load capacity of the CAN bus with subscribers or to insert a galvanic isolation (design "-Opto").
The Y-Repeater also forms a branch from one to two CAN lines.

Also have a look at our CAN cables

CAN Cable

The cables offered here for the industrial environment are intended for use in CAN systems. They can be used for all esd CAN devices.

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Number: C.1201.01

HighSpeed CAN add-on, ISO-11898 with DSUB-9 connector

  • Expansion board
  • galvanically isolated
  • CAN
HS Code: 84733080
Number: C.1301.01

120 ohm terminating resistor, DSUB-9 female, PVC housing

HS Code: 85177000
Number: C.1302.01

120 ohm terminating resistor, DSUB-9 male, PVC housing

HS Code: 85177000
Number: C.1303.01

DSUB9 male to female connector with integrated CAN bus termination 120 R

HS Code: 85389099
Number: C.1311.03

2 x DSUB-9 female, 1 x DSUB-9 male

HS Code: 85177900
Number: C.2041.18

CAN adapter cable for DSUB37(female) to 4xDSUB9(male) suitable for CAN-PCI/405-B4 (C.2041.04), CAN-PCIe/402-B4/1Slot (C.2045.08) and CAN-PCIe/402-B4-FD (C.2045.68)

HS Code: 85444290
Number: C.2047.18

4x CAN-, 1x IrigB-Cable, 1x DSUB25 to 4x DSUB9(male) and 1x DSUB9(female), Length: 0,5 m

HS Code: 85444290
Number: C.2047.19

4x CAN-Cable, 1x DSUB25 to 4x DSUB9(male), Length: 0,5 m

HS Code: 85444290
Number: C.3000.01

In-Rail-Bus connector

Form factor: Railmount  
HS Code: 85177000
Number: C.3000.02

to connect power supply (24V) and CAN at CBX-In-Rail-Bus. female type

Form factor: Railmount  
HS Code: 85366990
Number: C.3000.03

to connect power supply (24V) and CAN at CBX-In-Rail-Bus. male type

HS Code: 85366990