PCI EXPRESS® Adapter Board for AMC Modules

Program Development and Validation for AMC Modules without an MTCA® System

  • 'Hot Insert' and 'Hot Remove' enabled by integrated hot-swap controller

  • Software drivers/library for the Hot-Swap controller available for Linux®

  • PCI EXPRESS signals are passively passed through

Operation of MTCA-AMC Modules in a PC Environment

  • Program development and validation under defined conditions

  • Operation of MTCA-AMC modules in a PC*

Optional Fan for Additional Cooling of the Inserted AMC Module

Application of AMC-PCIe-Carrier

The AMC-PCIe-Carrier is designed for the quick and easy development of software for AMC modules in the PC* environment, without the need of an MTCA system.

Besides passively passing the PCIe-X1 signals through, a Hot-Swap controller is integrated, which enables 'Hot-Insert' and 'Hot-Remove'.

Additional Features
The current consumption of the AMC module can be measured. Colored LEDs on the board indicate the status of the power supply and of the Hot-Swap controller.
For cooling of the inserted AMCs an optional fan can be mounted at the AMC-PCIe-Carrier. All MTCA-connector signals are protected by transient voltage suppressors.

Software Support
Software drivers/library for the Hot-Swap controller are available for Linux®.


SMbus supplied PCIe-slot. Full master-slave-functionality of the I²C controller, otherwise restricted IPMI compatibility.