New Compact PCIeMini Board


We have extended the 402 series of our PC CAN boards by a new PCIeMini card. Due to its highly compact design, CAN interfaces can be used in notebooks, laptops, MiniPCs and hat rail mounted PCs as well as embedded systems without the need for an external USB or Ethernet connection.

PCI Express® Mini Card with 2 CAN or 2 CAN FD Interfaces

Link to CAN-PCIeMini/402-2 product page

  • Single Lane PCIe Mini Card with Altera® FPGA for 2x CAN or 2x CAN FD
  • Based on the most recent esd Advanced CAN Core (esdACC) technology
  • Wide Range of OS Support and Advanced CAN Diagnostic
  • Flat Design of CAN Interface Adapter
  • Customization on Request


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