esd successfully took part at EtherCAT Plugfest

In December 2017 the 22nd EtherCAT® plugfest organized by the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) took place. The focus of this two-day event was on performing interoperability tests of EtherCAT Slave and EtherCAT Master devices that had been brought along by the participants.

The test result: as expected all devices met the high requirements of the EtherCAT standard and the interoperability with products of other manufacturers is ensured.

esd electronics attended this event with the engineering tool EtherCAT Workbench using esd's own EtherCAT Master implementation. The EtherCAT Master was tested in combination with the embedded single board computer EPPC-T10. Furthermore the PCI Express® EtherCAT slave interface plug-in card ECS-PCIe/FPGA with revised IP-Core was tested at the plugfest. In conjunction with the esd EtherCAT Slave Stack the IP Core provided a considerable performance gain thanks to the support of Bus Master DMA mechanisms.

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