MVMExxx-xxx-BAT-16 and MVME162-5xx-BAT-20 as FB1225 Battery Replacement for Emerson / Motorola MVME CPUs

Replacement for Lithium Battery Type RAYOVAC FB1225

3 V Lithium Battery

Nominal Capacity of 137 mAh or 230 mAh available

  • 137 mAh Nominal Capacity (MVMExxx-xxx-BAT-16)

    - Dimension identical to FB1225

  • 230 mAh Nominal Capacity (MVME162-5xx-BAT-20)
    - Dimensions similar to FB1225 (25% wider )

Standard or enhanced Version?

The MVMExxx-xxx-BAT-16 is generally suitable to replace the battery RAYOVAC FB1225H2 in all applications. It offers a capacity which is about factor 1.4 larger than those of the FB1225H2.

The MVME162-5xx-BAT-20 has the advantage of a factor 2.4 larger capacity than those of the FB1225H2 but may not replace the FB1225H2 in every application because of slightly larger outline dimensions.


Please check the dimensions given in the data sheet to determine which type of the MVME-BAT will fit to your application!

CPU Suitable MVME-BAT Modules
MVME162-5xx MVME162-5xx-BAT-20 or MVMExxx-xxx-BAT-16
MVME162-2xx MVMExxx-xxx-BAT-16
MVME172-2xx MVMExxx-xxx-BAT-16
MVME172-3xx MVMExxx-xxx-BAT-16

Table: Application examples


The MVME162-5xx-BAT has four pins with a diameter of 0.71 mm which fit exactly into the socket of the RAYOVAC FB1225H2 battery at Motorola CPU boards. For other applications 2.54 mm (100 mil) pitch socket strips can be used. Contact systems for 0.635 mm (.025" ) square post pins e.g. Samtec ESW socket strips are suitable.

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Number: V.1136.71

suitable for boards of the MVME162-5xx series

  • Power Supply
HS Code: 85065030
Number: V.1136.72

suitable for boards of the MVME162-xxx series

  • Power Supply
HS Code: 85065030