EtherCAT® Digital I/O-Module


  • 8 digital I/Os

  • Inputs 24 V, outputs 24 V / 0.5 A

  • Power via InRailBus or individual power feed via COMBICON connector

  • 100BASE-TX EtherCAT interfaces compatible to IEEE 802.3

  • Configuration by EtherCAT master (XML file)

esd is a member of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG).
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Video esd EtherCAT Workbench Quickstart Tutorial for ECX-DIO8


Digital Inputs and Outputs

The ECX-DIO8 module is equipped with 8 digital I/Os, each available as input and output. The nominal I/O-voltage value is 24 V. Nominal output current is 0.5 A at 24 V.

Compact I/O Module

The ECX-DIO8 module provides industrial digital in-/outputs with two-wire connection in combination with service-friendly wiring of supply voltage.


The power supply can be applied via the InRailBus connector (TBUS-connector) integrated in the mounting rail or separately via the clamp-connection.

Physical Interfaces

The 100BASE-TX EtherCAT interface is compatible to IEEE 802.3.

Configuration and Protocols

Configuration is done by EtherCAT master (XML file).

Customization on Request

Customized options are available for customized series production in reasonable quantities. Please contact our Sales Team for detailed information.


ECX-DIO8, EtherCAT digital I/O module by esd