EtherCAT® Digital I/O-Module


  • 8 digital I/Os

  • Inputs 24 V, outputs 24 V / 0.5 A

  • Power via InRailBus or individual power feed via COMBICON connector

  • 100BASE-TX EtherCAT interfaces compatible to IEEE 802.3

  • Configuration by EtherCAT master (XML file)

esd is a member of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG).
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Digital Inputs and Outputs

The ECX-DIO8 module is equipped with 8 digital I/Os, each available as input and output. The nominal I/O-voltage value is 24 V. Nominal output current is 0.5 A at 24 V.

Compact I/O Module

The ECX-DIO8 module provides industrial digital in-/outputs with two-wire connection in combination with service-friendly wiring of supply voltage.


The power supply can be applied via the InRailBus connector (TBUS-connector) integrated in the mounting rail or separately via the clamp-connection.

Physical Interfaces

The 100BASE-TX EtherCAT interface is compatible to IEEE 802.3. Configuration and protocols Configuration is done by EtherCAT master (XML file).


Video esd EtherCAT Workbench Quickstart Tutorial for ECX-DIO8

ECX-DIO8, EtherCAT digital I/O module by esd