4 Serial Interfaces (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or TTY available)


  • RS-232 (hardware handshake), RS-422, RS-485 or TTY active/passive

  • Electrical isolation (except TTY-active)

  • Bit rate up to 115 kbit/s

  • RJ45 connectors

  • Performs with standard operating system drivers for Linux® and VxWorks®

  • Support for Windows® NT, Windows® XP and QNX®6 on request

Electrially Isolated Serial Interfaces
The module CPCI-ASIO4 is a CompactPCI board in Euro format. It has got four serial interfaces with electrically isolation against the CPCI bus and against each other. The board is equipped with two DUARTs XR16C2852 that are compatible to the popular ST16C2552 and can therefore be controlled by standard operating system drivers for serial interfaces of Linux and VxWorks.

Versatile Interface Design
The four interfaces can be equipped with several piggybacks to realize your application-specific requirements for a serial interface.
You can choose between RS-232 (with hardware handshake), RS-422, RS-482 or TTY. TTY can be run in passive or active mode.Only if the active mode is used, the four interfaces loose their electrical isoloation because of the common power supply for the interfaces. The different interface types can be combined at one CPCI-ASIO4. The connection of the interfaces is done at the front panel by RJ45 connectors. LEDs display the actual state of each interface.

Software Support
The board runs with the standard system serial drivers of Linux and VxWorks. Special drivers are available for WindowsXP and QNX6.
Please ask for your operating system support.

CPCI-ASIO4: CompactPCI baord with 4 serial interfaces (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or TTY) by esd