CANopen Tiny Manager for LabVIEW

CANopen® Manager with CANopen Basic Functions for LabVIEW™ - CAN Applications

Supports the Essential CANopen Functions

  • Heartbeat und Guarding

  • Network Management (NMT)

  • Service and Process Data Object transfers

  • Read and write data objects

Full Interoperability of LabView and esd CAN Interfaces

  • Use the CANopen Tiny Manager for LabVIEW out-of-the-box with our standard CAN interfaces

  • Works with all esd CAN Interfaces with NTCAN-API Support

User-friendly and free Solution

  • Easy integration of CANopen Monitoring in LabVIEW

  • Free-of-charge use with our CAN SDK software bundle


Network Management (NMT)

The CANopen Tiny Manager for LabVIEW includes functions to support network management.

Heartbeat and Guarding

The Heartbeat and Guarding mechanisms are available to monitor for CANopen device failure. If the Heartbeat function is enabled, the nodes transmit their status on their own. Whereas the nodes are cyclically queried for their status by data request telegram (remote frame) if the Guarding function is used.

Synchronization Object

As a SYNC producer the CANopen Tiny Manager for LabVIEW can send the synchronization object (SYNC) periodically to all network nodes.

Service Data Objects and Process Data Objects (SDO & PDO)

Transmission and reception of data in expedited, segment and block mode are possible. Functions for transmitting process data are provided.

Virtual Instruments (VI) for LabVIEW

The functions of the CANopen Tiny Manager Library are available in LabVIEW as a set of "Virtual Instruments" (VI).

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This product is compatible with all esd CAN interfaces, supported by Windows®.

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Number: C.1101.09

CANopen Basicfunctions for NI LabVIEW, Available for Windows NI LabVIEW 2013

  • Part of the CAN SDK
Supported OS:
  • Windows 7/8/10/11
  • CANopen
HS Code: