PROFINET IO® / CANopen® Gateway

Connection of CANopen Devices and Networks to PROFINET IO

  • PROFINET IO device (1440 bytes input and 1440 bytes output)

  • CANopen manager

CANopen Gateway Easily Extendable via InRailBus

  • In accordance with PROFIBUS International Document TC2-09-0002 and CANopen standard CiA 309-4

  • Cable-free connection of esd CAN-CBX-I/O modules to the gateway

  • InRailBus for CAN connection and power feed

Software Tools Inclusive

The CANopen-PN is certified by the PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO)

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esd is a member of the PNO

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Linking PROFINET IO and CANopen

The CANopen-PN can link any PROFINET IO controller to a CANopen network. The gateway operates as a PROFINET IO device with a maximum of 1440 bytes input data and 1440 bytes output data on the PROFINET IO bus.


The CANopen-PN connects CANopen modules with CANopen (CiA 301) applications to e.g. a SIMATIC-S7. A maximum number of 127 CANopen nodes can be connected to the gateway.

Physical Interfaces

The CAN high speed (ISO 11898-2) compatible interface allows a maximum data-transfer rate of 1 Mbit/s. The 100 BASE-TX PROFINET IO interface is compatible to IEEE802.3 and runs at 100 Mbit/s. The gateway is designed according to PROFIBUS International Document TC2-09-0002 (CANopen-Integration_7012 d07_Jul09). The PROFINET IO interface and the CAN interface are electrically isolated.

Configuration and CAN Protocols

The module can be configured via PROFINET IO configuration tool GSDML- Composer. The esd CAN tools (CANreal, CANplot, CANrepro, CANscript, COBview) can be used additionally for CAN diagnostics.

PROFINET IO/CANopen Gateway: CANopen-PN by esd