CAN Bridge for connecting Classical CAN and CAN FD Networks

Linking of Classical CAN and CAN FD Networks

  • Linking of two CAN FD networks with data buffering

  • Enables the connection of Classical CAN and CAN FD networks

Easy to use

  • Simple configuration via serial interface and generic protocol
  • Engineered exactly for the purpose needed
  • DIN-rail mountable

Filtering of Data and Galvanic Isolation

  • Data can be filtered by variable masking
  • Preconfigured configurations of baud rate and frame filter settings easily selectable via rotary switch
  • Galvanic isolation of CAN networks to reduce ground loops

Customization on Request

  • On request also available for harsh environments (vibration, temperature, etc.)
  • Also available with customized configuration preset

Linking two CAN networks

The module CAN-CBX-Bridge-FD can link two independent CAN FD networks designed according to ISO11898-1:2015. The CAN FD interfaces are fully backwards compatible with CAN and can also be used in Classical CAN applications. The networks can operate with different bit rates. The module works with a microcontroller, which buffers the CAN data in a local SRAM.


The RS-232 is used as serial programming interface. The interface is connected via a DSUB9 connector.
Using the serial interface, the CAN-CBX-Bridge-FD module can be easily configured by means of a terminal.

Configuration is safely stored in Memory

The configured parameters are retained in non-volatile memory even if the supply voltage fails.

CAN Interfaces

The ISO 11898-2-compatible CAN FD interfaces allow each a maximum datatransfer rate of 8 Mbit/s, or 1 Mbit/s for
Classical CAN applications. The CAN interfaces are electrically isolated by optocouplers and DC/DC converters.

Modular Filter Masks for Identifier Filtering

Multiple masks are configurable for filtering.

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Number: C.3090.02

CAN DIN rail module with 2 CAN FD interfaces with up to 8 MBit/s and physical layer according to ISO-11898 with galvanic isolation on COMBICON connectors. Firmware with bridge function for setting baud rate and filters for each CAN interface via serial RS-232 configuration interface.

  • galvanically isolated
  • CAN
Form factor: Railmount  
  • CAN-Layer 2
HS Code: 85176200